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City Tattersalls Club
Industry Registered Club
Founded (1895)
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Number of employees

The City Tattersalls Club is a social club located in Sydney, New South Wales. Formed in 1895, by a group of bookmakers disgruntled with a judge’s decision on a race at Kensington, New South Wales. The club is located in the heart of the central business district at Pitt Street between Market and Park Streets.


The objects for which the club exists, according to the CTC Act and Club Rules, are:

  • (a) to provide social, sporting, athletic, cultural and other activities for its members;
  • (b) to provide a clubhouse or clubhouses for the entertainment and recreation of its members;
  • (c) to assist any charitable, social, patriotic or philanthropic object;
  • (d) to give assistance to any of its members or their respective families or its employees in case of distress or death;
  • (e) to obtain, maintain and renew the registration of the Club as a registered club in accordance with the provisions of the Liquor Act, 1912 or the Act;
  • (f) to carry out the powers conferred by the CTC Act and amendments thereof, and all such lawful acts or things as will provide for the further usefulness of the Club and the greater comfort and convenience of members;
  • (g) to hold and arrange matches and competitions, and offer and grant or contribute towards provision of prizes, awards and/or distinctions; and
  • (h) to establish, conduct or carry out any sports tournaments or amusements, and to cooperate with any person or body in so doing.[1]

The purpose of the club is, according to its mission statement, to "consistently aim to provide a range of commercially sound, recreational amenities for members that are attractive, enjoyable and relevant in a location that is convenient, safe and friendly. The Club recognises employee performance with opportunities for advancement and career growth. The guiding principle of club management is fiscal responsibility in all matters."


City Tattersalls Club was formed in 1895 by a group of twenty bookmakers disgruntled with a judge’s decision on a race at Kensington; an objection was lodged over a jockey weighing in with his whip, the end result being a disqualification of the horse first past the post and the bookmakers refusing to pay out on the second horse, a hot favourite. By way of protest, the bookmakers left Tattersalls Club, the institution now on Elizabeth Street, Sydney, and City Tattersalls Club was born.

City Tattersalls Club has its own Act of Parliament, with an Honorary Committee comprising a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and seven Committee members, all of whom are now elected by those who hold either Gold or Silver Membership, and who protect the interests of Members by overseeing the strategies of the Executive Management. The management is headed by three Executive Managers, including General Manager, Assistant General Manager and Operations Manager. The staff comprises 252 members at present.


Front view from Pitt Street, Sydney

City Tattersalls Club previously occupied the Graphic Arts building and the building alongside Adams Hotel, where the Sydney Hilton Hotel now stands.

During the 1950s, a film company was located on the top floor, with its vault on the roof, presumably so that when film exploded the burst would go upward.

In December 1992 ‘Silks Bar and Grill’ was born. Sydney during the 90’s was seeing an upgrade of office blocks and shopping arcades; City Tattersalls Club was ageing, exclusive and ran a strict dress code.

The Silks Bar and Grill opening was strategic as it allowed the club to capitalise on the Government of New South Wales 5 kilometre ruling, allowing residents outside a 5 km radius to simply sign into a registered club. Being a separate entrance, this protected the main membership of City Tattersalls Club.

After approval by its Board Members in 2007 City Tattersalls Club purchased the Merivale building at 194 Pitt Street and took back its occupancy of 196 Pitt Street previously occupied by National Australia Bank.These areas once developed will bring the Club closer to the Pitt Street Mall and enhance its prominence in the Sydney CBD.

Heritage & Milestones[edit]

The City Tattersalls Club building at 202-204 Pitt Street was occupied from 1891. Tattersall’s was formed in 1858 and previously had clubrooms at Tattersall’s Hotel in Pitt Street. Built at a small cost by today’s standards, the building was described as presenting a free and effective rendering of the classic Renaissance style of architecture. It was constructed of Pyrmont, New South Wales freestone, finished in rubble masonry, relieved by handsome pilasters balustrades, moulded Courses and carved enrichments which were said to “combine to produce a striking though harmonious effect”. The rearing horse figure which surmounted the building until 2007 was carved from a single block of stone measuring 200 cu ft (5.7 m3). City Tattersalls bought the building in 1975 at a fraction of its value in its centenary year. City Tattersalls’ second home, premises at 240 Pitt Street with a narrow frontage was occupied until moving to the present site in 1924. The old building still exists today with the Club’s name still discernible on the front fascia.

In 1930 Amy Johnson spent six weeks touring Australia after her circumnavigation of the world at public events attended by cheering crowds at the City Tattersalls Club by posing on the Club’s front balcony at Pitt Street.

  • 1858 Tattersall’s first formed
  • 1891 First Tattersalls Club moved into 202-204 Pitt Street
  • 1895 Opening of City Tattersalls Club
  • 1903 249 Pitt Street purchased
  • 1924 Move into current premises at 198-204 Pitt Street
  • 1930 Amy Johnson welcomed by the Club after her world flight
  • 1963 Opening of membership to women
  • 1971 Snooker table dedicated to Norman Squire at the World Snooker Championship 1971
  • 1992 Silks Bar and Grill opened

1995 City Tattersalls Club Centenary year 2005 Major renovations to key venues including Omega Lounge 2012 Re-launch of website offering online new memberships and renewals using PayPal

Committee Members & Succession[edit]

All City Tattersalls Club committee members are elected to their office by Voting Members and remain in office until results of the next Committee Members election has been duly declared. To stand as a candidate in a Committee Member election, a person must be a Gold Member, being the Club’s highest membership level, have paid all entrance and subscription fees in respect of their membership at the closure of nominations and have submitted a valid nomination form in accordance with the Club’s rules. All Life, Gold and Silver members can vote for the committee.

Chief Executive Officer : CEO, Marcelo Veloz


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