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Westbound view of the line at Borden Avenue, looking toward Long Island City
City Terminal Zone
Penn Station
BSicon SUBWAY.svg NJ Transit Amtrak
Long Island City
BSicon SUBWAY.svg Hunterspoint Avenue
BSicon SUBWAY.svg Atlantic Terminal
Woodside BSicon SUBWAY.svg
Nostrand Avenue
Forest Hills BSicon SUBWAY.svg
BSicon SUBWAY.svg East New York
Kew Gardens
AirTrain JFK notext logo.svg BSicon SUBWAY.svg
Montauk Branch 

All other LIRR branches
diverge from these main routes

The City Terminal Zone, also known as the City Zone Branch,[1] is a collection of rail lines of the Long Island Rail Road in New York City. Specifically, it includes to all stations that lie in fare zone 1 (except for Mets–Willets Point on the Port Washington Branch), which is the set of stations west of Jamaica.


There are three routes that are part of the City Terminal Zone:

The City Terminal Zone formerly included the Lower Montauk Branch from Long Island City to Jamaica until passenger service on that route was discontinued in November 2012. This line formerly included Penny Bridge, Haberman, Fresh Pond, Glendale, and Richmond Hill stations until they were closed in March 1998.

The City Terminal Zone is slated to include a branch to a new station underneath Grand Central Terminal as part of the East Side Access project. A new station in Sunnyside, Queens, is scheduled to be built once the remainder of the project is complete.


Zone Routes Station Connections/notes
1 Pennsylvania Station Handicapped/disabled access BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "1" train"2" train"3" train at 34th Street–Penn Station (7th Avenue)
"A" train"C" train"E" train at 34th Street–Penn Station (8th Avenue)
"B" train"D" train"F" train"F" express train"M" train"N" train"Q" train"R" train"W" train at 34th Street–Herald Square
Bus transport NYCT Bus: M4, M7, M20, M34 SBS, M34A SBS, Q32
BSicon BAHN.svg New Jersey Transit
BSicon BAHN.svg Amtrak
BSicon SUBWAY.svg PATH (at 33rd Street)
Long Island City Handicapped/disabled access BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "7" train"7" express train​ at Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue
Bus transport MTA Bus: Q103
BSicon BOOT.svg NYC Ferry: East River Ferry
Hunterspoint Avenue BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "7" train"7" express train​ at Hunters Point Avenue
"G" train at 21st Street-Van Alst
Bus transport NYCT Bus: B62
Bus transport MTA Bus: Q67
Woodside Handicapped/disabled access BSicon BAHN.svg LIRR: Port Washington Branch
BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "7" train"7" express train​ at 61st Street–Woodside
Bus transport NYCT Bus: Q32
Bus transport MTA Bus: Q18, Q53 SBS, Q70 SBS
Forest Hills Handicapped/disabled access BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "E" train"F" train"F" express train"M" train"R" train at Forest Hills–71st Avenue
Bus transport MTA Bus: Q32, Q60, Q64
Kew Gardens Bus transport NYCT Bus: Q10, Q37
Bus transport MTA Bus: QM18
Atlantic Terminal Handicapped/disabled access BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "2" train"3" train"4" train"5" train"B" train"D" train"N" train"Q" train"R" train"W" train​ at Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center
"A" train"C" train at Lafayette Avenue
"G" train at Fulton Street
Bus transport NYCT Bus: B41, B45, B63, B65, B67
Nostrand Avenue BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "A" train"C" train at Nostrand Avenue
Bus transport NYCT Bus: B52, B44 SBS, B65
East New York BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "L" train at Atlantic Avenue
"A" train"C" train"J" train"L" train"Z" train at Broadway Junction
Bus transport NYCT Bus: B12, B20, B25, B83, Q24, Q56
+ Boland's Landing +Employees only
3 Jamaica Handicapped/disabled access BSicon BAHN.svg LIRR; Babylon, Belmont Park, Far Rockaway, Hempstead, Long Beach,
Montauk, Oyster Bay, Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma, and West Hempstead Branches
BSicon SUBWAY.svg NYC Subway: "E" train​​"J" train"Z" train at Sutphin Boulevard–Archer Avenue–JFK Airport
Bus transport NYCT Bus: Q20A, Q20B, Q24, Q30, Q31, Q43, Q44 SBS, Q54, Q56
Bus transport MTA Bus: Q6, Q8, Q9, Q25, Q34, Q40, Q41, Q60, Q65
Bus transport NICE Bus: n4
BSicon TRAM.svg AirTrain JFK: Jamaica Station Route
Trains continue to Long Island on the Main Line (Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma), Atlantic Branch (Far Rockaway and Long Beach) and Montauk Branch (West Hempstead, Babylon, Montauk)


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