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A City district is a designated administrative division that is generally managed by a local government. It is used to divide a city into several administrative units.

City districts are used in Russia (raion), Pakistan, Croatia (Croatian: gradski kotar or gradska četvrt) and Serbia (Serbian: градска четврт/gradska četvrt).

The term is also the English translation for the German: Stadtbezirk, French: arrondissements, Dutch: stadsdeel, Swedish: stadsdel and Polish: dzielnica.

By country/region[edit]

Russia (raion)[edit]

In Russia, a city district (raion) is a second-level administrative unit used to divide a city.[1] It is the standardised administration unit of numerous post-Soviet states, two levels below national subdivision.

Germany (Stadtbezirk)[edit]

In Germany, a city district (Stadtbezirk) is an administrative unit that divides a metropolis of more than 150,000 inhabitants.

France (arrondissements) & Francophonie[edit]

A city district, or municipal arrondissement (French: arrondissement municipal [aʁɔ̃dismɑ̃ mynisipal]), is a subdividing unit used in France's three largest cities: Paris, Lyon and Marseille. It divides a commune within which it has its own mayor.

An arrondissement is also a term used for administrative divisions in areas such as Belgium, Haiti, and other certain Francophone countries.

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