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The City of Adam stood "beside Zarethan" (Joshua 3:16) on the east bank of the Jordan, it is called also "Damia". According to the Book of Joshua, the flow of the water was arrested, and rose up "upon an heap" at the time of the Israelites' passing over.

This village includes a number of families that belong to the Abbad clan such as Ramadneh. The land was accordingly owned mainly by the Abbad tribes with land closer to the river belonging to Al Masaeed tribe whose land extends beyond the Jordan to al-Jiftlik and towards the Jericho areas.


 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainEaston, Matthew George (1897). "Adam, the city of". Easton's Bible Dictionary (New and revised ed.). T. Nelson and Sons. 

Coordinates: 32°05′51″N 35°33′52″E / 32.0975°N 35.5644°E / 32.0975; 35.5644

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