City of Bad Men

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City of Bad Men
Directed byHarmon Jones
Produced byLeonard Goldstein
Written byGeorge W. George
George F. Slavin
StarringJeanne Crain
Dale Robertson
CinematographyCharles G. Clarke
Edited byGeorge A. Gittens
20th Century-Fox
Distributed by20th Century-Fox
Release date
  • September 11, 1953 (1953-09-11) (Los Angeles)
  • October 20, 1953 (1953-10-20) (United States)
Running time
82 minutes
CountryUnited States

City of Bad Men is a 1953 Technicolor Western film directed by Harmon Jones and starring Jeanne Crain and Dale Robertson.


A heavyweight championship fight between James J. Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons is coming to Carson City, Nevada at exactly the same time outlaw Brett Stanton and brother Gar return to town.

Away for six years, Brett has alienated his former love, Linda Culligan, who is now involved with Jim London, the fight's promoter. London's sister, Cynthia Castle, tries to attract Brett's interest, but he's only got eyes for Linda.

Because the bout could sell as much as $100,000 in tickets, law-breakers like Johnny Ringo are also milling around, keeping Sheriff Bill Gifford on his toes. He plays a strategy where he asks Ringo, another outlaw, and Brett, to be deputies just for the week of the fight. Gifford's idea is that this will offer incentive to the men to keep their respective gangs in order and keep the peace in town, so everyone might enjoy the festivities. The three agree to do this but soon Brett is the only one still on board. He is actually scheming to steal the fight's proceeds. .

A match-day decision by Linda to end her engagement to Jim changes Brett's plans; he decides to go straight. However, his brother Gar betrays him to Ringo, who goes through with the daring robbery. Brett has to exchange gunfire with Ringo and face down Gar - whom Ringo has mortally wounded. When it is all over, Linda and Brett are finally reconciled.


Home video[edit]

City of Bad Men was released in 2014 as a "publish on demand" DVD in the United States.[2]

In popular culture[edit]

In episode five of the first season of the USA network series Graceland, the main character Mike (who is an undercover FBI agent) has a conversation with one of this targets, the ruthless Nigerian crime lord "Bello" (played by actor Gbenga Akinnagbe), where at one point the film is mentioned after Mike quotes a line from the film. Bello admits he's impressed with this knowledge of the film and admits he's a fan. Bello even shows Mike a copy of the film on DVD in a video store later on in the episode.


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Further reading[edit]

  • Roan, Toby (February 15, 2014). "DVD Review: City of Bad Men (1953)". 50 Westerns From The 50s. A rare, recent review of the film by a blogger who's working on a book about 1950s western films.

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