City of Caterpillar

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City of Caterpillar
Background information
Origin Richmond, Virginia
Genres Post-hardcore
Years active 2000–2003
Labels Level Plane Records
Associated acts pg. 99, Majority Rule, Darkest Hour, Stop it!!, Enemy Soil, Kilara, Malady, Verse En Coma
Past members Jeff Kane, Brandon Evans, Kevin Longendyke, Pat Broderick, Ryan Parrish, Johnny Ward, Adam Juresko

City of Caterpillar was an American band, from Richmond, Virginia. They released a split with pg. 99, a full-length album, and an album-length compilation of their demo and some live tracks.

The band broke up in late 2003.


City of Caterpillar shared band members with pg. 99, Darkest Hour, Stop it!!, Enemy Soil, Kilara, Monotonashhfuck, and later Majority Rule. They broke up in December 2003, with Jeff and Kevin going on to join Haram as well as forming the bands Malady and Verse En Coma (the latter also featuring Ryan Parrish), and Brandon and Pat forming Ghastly City Sleep.

  • Jeff Kane – guitar
  • Brandon Evans – vocals, guitar
  • Kevin Longendyke – vocals, bass
  • Pat Broderick – drums (second drummer, Tour Drummer)
  • Ryan Parrish – drums (first drummer, on all recordings)
  • Adam Juresko – bass (on half of Demo and Live)


  • Split 7" w/ System 2600 (2000) (Sea of Dead Pirates Records)
  • A Split Personality (2001) Split 7" with Pg. 99 (Level Plane Records)
  • Tour 7" (2001) 7" (Level Plane Records)
  • City of Caterpillar (2002) LP/CD (Level Plane Records)
  • Demo and Live (2002) LP/CD - A collection of demo songs and live tracks (Level Plane Records)
  • "Unreleased Demos" (2013) - Two Unreleased/Untitled demos were released by Robotic Empire.


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