City of Damnation

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City of Damnation
City of Damnation film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised RomanizationYoogamseureowoon dosi
McCune–ReischauerYugamsŭrŏun tosi
Directed byKim Dong-won
Written byKim Dong-won
StarringJung Joon-ho
Jung Woong-in
Jung Woon-taek
Music byKim Si-hwan
CinematographyKim Hyo-jin
Edited byJeong Gwang-jin
Distributed byCJ Entertainment
Release date
  • 22 January 2009 (2009-01-22)
Running time
121 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$7.5 million

City of Damnation (Korean유감스러운 도시; RRYoogamseureowoon dosi; MRYugamsŭrŏun tosi) is a 2009 South Korean film directed by Kim Dong-won and is a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs.[1][failed verification]


Jang Choon-dong is a traffic officer who aspires to become a homicide detective. After being noticed by his superiors, Choon-dong is assigned to go undercover to infiltrate a gangster network headed by Yang Kwang-seob. Meanwhile, Lee Joong-dae (Jung Woong-in), a member of Kwang-seob's gang, goes undercover himself by joining the police force. Joong-dae tries hard to gain favour with his squad leader and bureau director in an effort to expose Choon-dong's identity, but falls in love with a colleague, Cha Se-rin.


  • Jung Joon-ho as Jang Choon-dong
  • Jung Woong-in as Lee Joong-dae
  • Jung Woon-taek as Moon Dong-sik, aka Dae Ga-ri
  • Park Sang-min as Ssang-kal
  • Kim Sang-joong as Gangster boss Yang Kwang-seob
  • Han Go-eun as Police lieutenant Cha Se-rin
  • Sunwoo Jae-duk as Squad leader Park Jong-ki
  • Park Yong-gi as Bureau director Cheon Seong-ki
  • Kim Dae-hee as Won Sam-eeh, aka Won Soong-eeh
  • Kang Seong-pil as Yang Pal-eeh


City of Damnation was released in South Korea on 22 January 2009,[2] and was the only Korean film to be released during the Lunar New Year holiday, traditionally a big season for domestic films.[3] On its opening weekend it was ranked third at the box office with 249,720 admissions,[4] and the film's disappointing performance was thought to illustrate a steady decline in the popularity of the gangster comedy genre with local audiences.[5] As of 22 February, City of Damnation had received a total of 1,555,039 admissions nationwide,[6] and as of 1 March had grossed a total of US$7,545,744.[7]

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