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A UNESCO City of Film is a city that has joined the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as notable in film making.[1] The City of Film program is part of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network which was established in 2004. It was built to promote cooperation over cities which recognized cities for creativity in urban development. [2] Some of the qualifying arts that Creative Cities Network represents are Crafts and Folk Arts, Media Arts, Film, Design, Gastronomy, Literature and Music. If a program would like to be recognized by Creative Cities Network they must meet all the criteria stated. All the programs under UNESCO are run by UNESCO Director- General Audrey Azoulay. Audrey Azoulay was appointed Director-General on November 10 2017

Audrey Azoulay The Director-General of UNESCO


Criteria for UNESCO Cities of Film[edit]

To be approved as a City of Film, cities need to meet a number of criteria set by UNESCO.[4] Designated UNESCO Cities of Film share similar characteristics:

  • important infrastructure related to cinema, e.g. film studios, film landscapes/environments,
  • continuous or proven links to the production, distribution and commercialization of films;
  • experience in hosting film festivals, screenings and other film-related events;
  • collaborative initiatives at a local, regional and international level;
  • film heritage in the form of archives, museums, private collections and/or film institutes;
  • film making schools and training centers;
  • effort in disseminating films produced and/or directed locally or nationally;
  • initiatives to encourage knowledge-sharing on foreign films.

Notable Cities[edit]

Bradford City Hall
National University of Ireland, Galway (St Anthony's)


On June 11, 2009, Bradford, England, United Kingdom, became the first City to receive the City of Film Honor.[6] The city of Bradford was given it's status of the City of Film due to it's rich film heritage, locations, and the astonishing impact that there film festivals have.[7] The second city to be officially recognized and given the City of Film status was Sydney, Australia, which happened in 2010. As part of Sydney's bid they promise to 1. Support and distribute Sydney film makers films. 2 to encourage international film making in Sydney. 3 to promote the enjoyment of screen culture by sydneysiders and tourist for cultural and economic benefits.[8] In December 2014, Galway, Ireland was named a UNESCO City of Film. It earned it's it status due to its rural and ubran location in film and television. [9] Sofia, Bulgaria was also named a UNESCO City of Film in 2014.[10] It was also given its status due to its rich history in film. Sofia, Bulgaria, with its City of Film status also promised to promote Local Film organizations while collaborating with members of UCCN. Implementing new activities to create new jobs for younger people, conducting research in educational institutions, Developing training programs for students in the cultural field.[11] Some other notable cities to receive the City of Film Status were, Busan, South Korea (which was also designated as UNESCO City of Film for the first time in Asia).[12] Busan was given its status due to its popular international film festival, Busan Internation Film Festival(BIFF) and its push for filmaking in South Korea[13] In December 2015 Santos, Brazil, Rome, Italy and Bitola, Republic of Macedonia were inducted as a City of Film . Santos,Brazil was inducted due to its Brazil Film Festival and its push for short films. Some of the envisions for Santos were that it would increase job opportunities, supporting exchange programs and promoting professional and artistic exchanges within the UNCC[14] Rome, Italy also earned its status by its Film awards and its historic background in film. Some of its envisages where that they eanted to established a film museum, increase cross cutting approaches to film and implementing the Cine-Creative Communities Programme.[15] Bitola wanted to increase the role of film in Bitola's creative economy and Exchange knowledege and experience with other Cities of Film. In 2017 there were five major cities that received the City of Film status. those five cities were [16] Łódź, Poland[17] as well as Qingdao, China with its Qingdao Movie Metropolis, Bristol, England, United Kingdom, Terrassa, Spain and Yamagata, Japan[18] All Five cities received there status due to there rich history of film and there notable Film Festivals, while also promoting and encouraging local Film makers.

List of UNESCO Cities of Film[edit]

Year City Country
2009 Bradford  United Kingdom
2010 Sydney  Australia
2014 Galway  Ireland
Sofia  Bulgaria
Busan  South Korea
2015 Santos  Brazil
Rome  Italy
Bitola  Republic of Macedonia
2017 Qingdao  China
Łódź  Poland
Bristol  United Kingdom
Terrassa  Spain
Yamagata  Japan


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