City of Port Lincoln

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City of Port Lincoln
South Australia
Port Lincoln LGA.png
Location of the City of Port Lincoln LGA
Population 14,593 (2009)[1]
 • Density 435.30/km2 (1,127.4/sq mi)
Established 1880
Area 30.4 km2 (11.7 sq mi)
Mayor Bruce Green
Council seat Port Lincoln
Region Eyre and Western[2]
State electorate(s) Flinders
Federal Division(s) Grey
Website City of Port Lincoln
LGAs around City of Port Lincoln:
District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula
City of Port Lincoln

The City of Port Lincoln is a local government area located on the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It consists only of the city of Port Lincoln and its suburbs. It is surrounded on land by the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula, which also has offices in Port Lincoln.


The area was discovered and mapped by Matthew Flinders in 1802, naming the body of water Port Lincoln after his home county of Lincolnshire in England.[3] Settlers arrived in 1839 and later that year Governor George Gawler proclaimed the area from Cape Catastrophe to the top of Spencer Gulf as a district - the District of Port Lincoln.[citation needed]

Although the council was formally established in 1880 as the District Council of Lincoln, it wasn't until 1921 that the Municipality of Port Lincoln was officially proclaimed. City status was granted to Port Lincoln on 21 January 1971[citation needed]


Although the district is restricted mostly to Port Lincoln, it does include all of its suburbs and a number of surrounding areas. These include:

Boston Bay, Happy Valley, Kirton Point, Lincoln Cove, Lincoln Gardens, Porter Bay and Rustlers Gully

Elected Members[edit]

Mayor: Bruce Green[4]

CEO: Rob Donaldson[5]


  • Danny Bartlett
  • Travis Rogers
  • Gordon Hartley
  • Neville Starke
  • Faye Davis
  • Peter Jolley
  • Michael Bascombe
  • Malcolm Catt
  • Jim Papazoglov
  • Rod Patterson


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