City of Richmond v. United States

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City of Richmond v. United States
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Argued April 23, 1975
Decided June 24, 1975
Full case name City of Richmond, Virginia v. United States
Citations 422 U.S. 358 (more)
376 F. Supp. 1344, 1346 (DDC 1974)
An annexation reducing the relative political strength of the minority race in the enlarged city as compared with what it was before the annexation does not violate 5 of the Act as long as the postannexation system fairly recognizes, as it does in this case; the minority's political potential.
Court membership
Case opinions
Majority White, joined by Burger, Stewart, Blackmun, Rehnquist
Dissent Brennan, joined by Douglas, Marshall
Powell took no part in the consideration or decision of the case.

City of Richmond v. United States, 422 U.S. 358 (1975), was a case that upheld Richmond, Virginia's annexation of land from surrounding counties.

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  • Daly, Mary C. (1991). "Rebuilding the City of Richmond: Congress's Power to Authorize the States to Implement Race-Conscious Affirmative Action Plans". Boston College Law Review. 33 (5): 903. ISSN 0161-6587. 

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