City of Scars

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City of Scars
City of Scars.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed byAaron Schoenke
Produced byAaron Schoenke
Sean Schoenke
Written byAaron Schoenke
Based onCharacters
by Bob Kane
Bill Finger
StarringKevin Porter
Paul Molnar
Christopher Parker
Guy Grundy
Narrated byKevin Porter
Music bySean Schoenke
CinematographyAaron Schoenke
Edited byAaron Schoenke
Bat in the Sun
Release date
  • June 17, 2010 (2010-06-17)
Running time
30 minutes

City of Scars, also known as Batman: City of Scars, is a 2010 superhero fan film produced by Aaron and Sean Schoenke, based on the Batman franchise. The film had a budget of $27,000 and was shot in 21 days.[1] The 30-minute short film is partly set in Arkham Asylum.[2]

City of Scars was followed by the 2011 sequel Seeds of Arkham.


The Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, spraying Joker venom in a nurse's face as he runs and putting her in intensive care. Upon arriving in Gotham City, he kidnaps Councilman Johnson and his son shortly after brutally murdering the Councilman's wife. Determined not to let his archenemy kill anyone else, Batman hunts him through the city. After Councilman Johnson is found dead while his son remains in The Joker's captivity, Batman questions whether his crusade against evil does more bad than good. Batman tracks The Joker to a carnival, where he thwarts the villain's plot of bombing a ferris wheel. He then races to the location of The Joker and the councilman's son, but when the young boy kills The Joker with his own gun, Batman debates if his greatest nemesis' death is a step toward Gotham's peace, or rather a sign that things are getting worse.[3]



Filmmaker Aaron Schoenke is a long-time Batman fan, having earlier created two fan film shorts about the subject: Patient J in 2005[4] and Batman Legends in 2006.[5]


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