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The City of Seattle Pipe Band was a grades II-I competition band restructured and refit out of the historic Seattle Mens Pipe Band (1916–1980) in 1981.[1] Disbanded in 1990, City of Seattle won the Grade II North American Invitational Championships in Chicago in 1985, allowing them to compete in grade I that same year in the West Coast Championships in Santa Rosa, in 1985.[2] Many of its previous members currently play in grades I, II or III pipe bands throughout Western Washington or British Columbia.[3] The City of Seattle Pipe Band is only one of two bands ever to make it to grade I originating out of Washington State. The other, considered a progressive pipe band, the Northwest Pipe Band, operated from 1975-1977.[4]

Trouble in Mind [1985]; Filmed in Seattle, Washington, USA; depicts a parade scene with the City of Seattle Pipe Band, with Pipe Major Ken Briggs and Drum Sgt. Buddy Maxwell. Trouble In Mind was directed by Alan Rudolph and starred Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine, Lori Singer, Geneviève Bujold, Devine, and John Carradine.

British Airways Concorde delivers Beaujolais Nouveau [1984]; The City of Seattle Pipe Band was the entertainment of choice contracted for the historic Seattle delivery of 219 cases of Bouchard Beaujolais Nouveau wine. Funded and orchestrated by notable Seattle restaurateurs, Mick McHugh and Tim Firnstahl, passengers aboard the flight paid $2,400 USD each for the privilege of flying the route from London. Funds from which went in part to help the creation of the Museum of Flight. This was one of the only trips where a Concorde jet landed into Seattle. The event attracted close to 10,000 spectators and 100 reporters and photo journalists.The Register-Guard

Member History[edit]

1981-1983 - Grade II (Dress MacKenzie tartan).
Pipers: P/M John McBride, Craig Fraser, Bill Hughes, Ken Briggs, Marcia Campbell, Bill McMurchie, Bill Heaton, Rex Harrison, Bill Luke, Tim Clark, Terry Raymond, Mark Nowak,
Sides: L/D Buddy Maxwell, Ken MacKenzie, Jeffrey Hamilton Smith, Pat Modrell, Bob Simon.
Midsection: Doug Maxwell, Greg McBride, Debi Maxwell.

1983-1990 - Grade II & I (Ancient Sinclair tartan).
Pipers: P/M Ken Briggs, Terry Raymond, Bill Hughes, Patty Swan, Sandy Hill, Chuck Zittel, Dave Guthrie, Rod Weeks, Bill Luke.
Sides: L/D Buddy Maxwell, L/D Rob McKendrick, Steve Roy, Jim Oliver, Pat Modrell, Mark Jameson, Bob Simon.
Midsection: Doug Maxwell, Debi Maxwell, Mary Jameson.

Over the years, there has been wishful effort by some of its past members to rekindle the band, primarily in the mid-nineties. To date, this has yet to take foot.


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