City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto

Coordinates: 45°32′57″N 11°32′58″E / 45.54917°N 11.54944°E / 45.54917; 11.54944
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City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Architect Andrea Palladio
LocationVeneto, Italy
CriteriaCultural: (i), (ii)
Inscription1994 (18th Session)
Area333.87 ha (825.0 acres)
Coordinates45°32′57″N 11°32′58″E / 45.54917°N 11.54944°E / 45.54917; 11.54944
City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto is located in Veneto
City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto
Location of City of Vicenza in Veneto.
City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto is located in Italy
City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto
City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto (Italy)
Plaque for Vicenza in the UNESCO World Heritage List

City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto is a World Heritage Site in Italy, which protects buildings by the architect Andrea Palladio. UNESCO inscribed the site on the World Heritage List in 1994.[1] At first the site was called "Vicenza, City of Palladio" and only buildings in the immediate area of Vicenza were included.

Various types of buildings were represented in the original site, which included the Basilica Palladiana, Teatro Olimpico and palazzi in the city itself, along with a few villas in the vicinity.[2] However, most of Palladio's surviving villas lay outside the site. In 1996 the site was expanded. Its present name reflects the fact that it includes all the Palladian Villas of the Veneto. City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto also has some examples of ecclesiastical architecture, including the relatively small church at Maser.[3] In total there are 47 Palladian buildings registered in the UNESCO list in the Veneto region.[4]

There is another important group of urban buildings by Palladio in Venice, a city which also has World Heritage Site status. Venice has notable examples of ecclesiastical architecture by Palladio, including the San Giorgio Maggiore (church), Venice.

List of sites in the center of Vicenza[edit]

The World Heritage List have been registered since 1994: the historic center of Vicenza with the 23 Palladian monuments located within the ancient medieval walls of the city.[5]

Site Image Description
Arco delle Scalette Arch built in 1596, whose design is attributed to Palladio, about 1575. It is located in the south-eastern border of the historic center of the city of Vicenza, and it was the only point of access from the city to the sanctuary of Monte Berico.
Basilica Palladiana Centrally located in Vicenza's Piazza dei Signori, of which Palladio himself said that "it might stand comparison with any similar work of antiquity"
Teatro Olimpico Designed for the Accademia Olimpica (Olympic Academy) and begun to be built in 1580, when Palladio died. The wooden scenes are by Vincenzo Scamozzi
Palazzo Chiericati Home of the city pinacotheca
Palazzo del Capitaniato The palazzo is currently used by the town council, inside the Sala Bernarda.
Palazzo Porto
Palazzo Thiene Bonin Longare (built by Vincenzo Scamozzi)
Palazzo Thiene
Palazzo Valmarana
Palazzo Barbaran da Porto Home of the Museo Palladio
Palazzetto Capra sul Corso
Palazzo Civena
Casa Cogollo “House of Palladio”
Palazzo da Monte Migliorini
Palazzo Garzadori
Palazzo Pojana
Palazzo Porto in Piazza Castello (incomplete)
Palazzo Schio
Loggia Valmarana
Dome of the cathedral
Northern portal of the Cathedral
Portal of Santa Maria in Foro dei Servi
Santa Maria Nova, Vicenza

List of villas[edit]

Later in 1996, the site was extended by inserting another 24 Palladian villas distributed in the Veneto region

# Name Location Province Image Coordinates
712-002 Villa Trissino Vicenza Vicenza 45°33′55″N 11°32′49″E / 45.56528°N 11.54694°E / 45.56528; 11.54694 (Villa Trissino)
712-003 Villa Gazzotti Grimani Vicenza Vicenza 45°33′13″N 11°34′30″E / 45.55361°N 11.57500°E / 45.55361; 11.57500 (Villa Gazzotti)
712-004 Villa Almerico Capra, «La Rotonda» Vicenza Vicenza 45°31′54″N 11°33′36″E / 45.53167°N 11.56000°E / 45.53167; 11.56000 (Villa Almerico Capra)
712-005 Villa Angarano Bassano del Grappa Vicenza 45°46′50″N 11°43′25″E / 45.78056°N 11.72361°E / 45.78056; 11.72361 (Villa Angarano)
712-006 Villa Caldogno Caldogno Vicenza 45°36′26″N 11°30′24″E / 45.60722°N 11.50667°E / 45.60722; 11.50667 (Villa Caldogno)
712-007 Villa Chiericati Grumolo delle Abbadesse Vicenza 45°30′16″N 11°39′12″E / 45.50444°N 11.65333°E / 45.50444; 11.65333
712-008 Villa Forni Cerato Montecchio Precalcino Vicenza 45°39′11″N 11°33′40″E / 45.65306°N 11.56111°E / 45.65306; 11.56111
712-009 Villa Godi Lonedo di Lugo Vicentino Vicenza 45°44′44″N 11°31′43″E / 45.74556°N 11.52861°E / 45.74556; 11.52861
712-010 Villa Pisani Bagnolo di Lonigo Vicenza 45°21′31″N 11°22′10″E / 45.35861°N 11.36944°E / 45.35861; 11.36944
712-011 Villa Poiana Poiana Maggiore Vicenza 45°16′54″N 11°30′03″E / 45.28167°N 11.50083°E / 45.28167; 11.50083
712-012 Villa Saraceno Agugliaro Vicenza 45°18′38″N 11°35′12″E / 45.31056°N 11.58667°E / 45.31056; 11.58667 (Villa Saraceno)
712-013 Villa Thiene Quinto Vicentino Vicenza 45°34′22″N 11°37′47″E / 45.57278°N 11.62972°E / 45.57278; 11.62972 (Villa Thiene)
712-014 Villa Trissino Sarego Vicenza 45°25′42″N 11°24′49″E / 45.42833°N 11.41361°E / 45.42833; 11.41361 (Villa Trissino)
712-015 Villa Valmarana Bolzano Vicentino Vicenza 45°35′01″N 11°36′41″E / 45.58361°N 11.61139°E / 45.58361; 11.61139 (Villa Valmarana)
712-016 Villa Valmarana Monticello Conte Otto Vicenza 45°34′58″N 11°35′40″E / 45.58278°N 11.59444°E / 45.58278; 11.59444 (Villa Valmarana)
712-017 Villa Badoer, «La Badoera» Fratta Polesine Rovigo 45°01′48″N 11°38′46″E / 45.03000°N 11.64611°E / 45.03000; 11.64611 (Villa Badoer)
712-018 Villa Barbaro Maser Treviso 45°48′20″N 11°58′48″E / 45.80556°N 11.98000°E / 45.80556; 11.98000 (Villa Barbaro)
712-019 Villa Emo Vedelago Treviso 45°42′43″N 11°59′23″E / 45.71194°N 11.98972°E / 45.71194; 11.98972 (Villa Emo)
712-020 Villa Zeno Cessalto Treviso 45°42′11″N 12°38′20″E / 45.70306°N 12.63889°E / 45.70306; 12.63889 (Villa Zeno)
712-021 Villa Foscari, «La Malcontenta» Mira Venice 45°26′07″N 12°12′01″E / 45.43528°N 12.20028°E / 45.43528; 12.20028 (Villa Foscari)
712-022 Villa Pisani Montagnana Padua 45°13′37″N 11°28′07″E / 45.22694°N 11.46861°E / 45.22694; 11.46861 (Villa Pisani)
712-023 Villa Cornaro Piombino Dese Padua 45°36′14″N 11°59′57″E / 45.60389°N 11.99917°E / 45.60389; 11.99917 (Villa Cornaro)
712-024 Villa Serego San Pietro in Cariano Verona 45°29′58″N 10°55′32″E / 45.49944°N 10.92556°E / 45.49944; 10.92556 (Villa Serego)
712-025 Villa Piovene Lugo Vicentino Vicenza 45°44′48″N 11°31′36″E / 45.74667°N 11.52667°E / 45.74667; 11.52667 (Villa Piovene)

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