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City of West Torrens
South Australia
Adelaide-LGA-West Torrens-MJC.png
Population57,901 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density1,352/km2 (3,500/sq mi)
Area37.07 km2 (14.3 sq mi)
MayorMichael Coxon
RegionWestern Adelaide[2]
State electorate(s)Colton, Ashford, West Torrens, Morphett
Federal Division(s)Adelaide, Hindmarsh
WebsiteCity of West Torrens
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The City of West Torrens is a local government area in the western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Since the 1970s the area was mainly home to many open spaces and parks, however after the mid-1990s (1993-1995) the LGA became more residential.


It was established on 7 July 1853 as the District Council of West Torrens, which was one of the first local governments to be formed in South Australia following the passage of the District Councils Act 1852. It became smaller over time as a number of areas within the original boundaries split off to form new municipalities: the Holdfast Bay area became part of the new Corporate Town of Glenelg on 23 August 1855, the Thebarton area seceded as the Corporate Town of Thebarton on 8 February 1883, and the West Beach area seceded as part of the Corporate Town of Henley and Grange on 4 December 1915.[3][4] It gained an area from the District Council of Marion on 15 January 1903, but subsequently lost the same area to the Glenelg council. Further areas of West Torrens were severed and added to Glenelg in 1928, 1932 and 1950.[5][6]

It became a municipal corporation as the Corporate Town of West Torrens on 1 January 1944, and gained city status as the City of West Torrens on 1 July 1950. It absorbed the former Corporate Town of Thebarton on 1 March 1997, briefly being renamed the City of West Torrens Thebarton before reverting to its original name several months later.[7][8]


The current council as of June 2016 is:[9]

Ward Party[10] Councillor Notes
Mayor   Michael Coxon
Airport   Independent Brandon Reynolds
  SA-BEST Jassmine Wood
Hilton   Independent Cindy O'Rielley
  Independent George Vlahos
Keswick   Elisabeth Papanikolaou
  Independent John Woodward
Lockleys   Independent Kym McKay
  Daniel Huggett
Morphett   Anne McKay
  Labor David Wilton
Plympton   Surender Pal
  Liberal Simon Tsiaparis
Thebarton   Labor Graham Nitschke
  Greens Dominic Mugavin


The City of West Torrens contains the following suburbs.[11]

Mayors (formerly Chairmen) of West Torrens[edit]

  • Alexander Ferris Scott (1935-1937) [5]
  • Alfred Burt (1937-1939) [5]
  • Arthur McLean (1939-1940) [5]
  • Hurtle Henry Norman (1940-1941) [5]
  • Howard Edward Comley (1941-1946) [5]
  • Charles Richard John Veale (1946-1954) [5]
  • Robert James Bartlett (1954-1961) [5]
  • Stephen John (Steve) Hamra (1961-1976) [5]
  • Reece Jennings (1976-1977) [5]
  • Stephen John (Steve) Hamra (1976-1989) [5][13]
  • George Robertson (1989-1998) [14]
  • Reece Jennings (1999-2000) [15]
  • John Trainer (2000-2018) [16]
  • Michael Coxon (2018-present)

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