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City of Yarra

Coordinates: 37°49′S 145°00′E / 37.817°S 145.000°E / -37.817; 145.000
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City of Yarra
Population91,543 (2021)[1]
 • Density4,695/km2 (12,159/sq mi)
Established22 June 1994
Area19.5 km2 (7.5 sq mi)[1]
MayorClaudia Nguyen (Independent)
Council seatRichmond
RegionGreater Melbourne
State electorate(s)
Federal division(s)
WebsiteCity of Yarra
LGAs around City of Yarra:
Merri-bek Darebin Banyule
Melbourne City of Yarra Boroondara
Melbourne Stonnington Stonnington

The City of Yarra is a local government area (LGA) in Victoria, Australia in the inner eastern and northern suburbs of Melbourne. It is the second smallest LGA in the state (after the Borough of Queenscliffe) with an area of 19.5 square kilometres (7.5 sq mi), and in June 2021 it had a population of 91,543,[1] making it the second most densely populated LGA (after the City of Port Phillip), with around 4,695 people per square kilometre.[1] The City of Yarra was formed in 1994 as a result of the amalgamation of the former Cities of Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy, and parts of Carlton North (previously part of the City of Melbourne) and parts of Alphington and Fairfield (previously part of the former City of Northcote).

The administrative centre of the City of Yarra is the old Richmond Town Hall in Bridge Road, Richmond. The Collingwood Town Hall in Hoddle Street, Abbotsford is also still used by the council as secondary offices and as a service centre, and the Fitzroy Town Hall in Napier Street, Fitzroy is used for the local library and for use as a community space. Some council committees also meet at the Fitzroy and Collingwood Town Halls.

The city is culturally and socially diverse. The 2016 Australian Census found that 38.8% of residents were born outside Australia, with the largest numbers being born in England, New Zealand, Vietnam, China and Greece.[2]

The suburbs of the City of Yarra were established in the mid-to-late 19th century and retain a Victorian appearance. The majority of housing in the city is made up of Victorian cottages or terraces or apartments built from the 1960s.

The City of Yarra has some of Melbourne's best shopping streets. These include Bridge Road and Swan and Victoria streets in Richmond, Brunswick and Gertrude streets in Fitzroy and Smith Street in Collingwood. In 2021, Smith Street was named the coolest street in the world.[3][4][5][6]

As of November 2023, the mayor is Greens councillor Edward Crossland, and the deputy mayor is Greens councillor Anab Mohamud.[7] The CEO since June 2022 is Sue Wilkinson.[8]


Yarra City Council is composed of nine councillors elected proportionally as three separate wards, each electing three councillors. All councillors are elected for a fixed four-year term of office. The Mayor is elected annually in November by a special meeting of the full council. The most recent local government election was held in October 2020.[9]

Yarra City Council
Edward Crossland
Anab Mohamud
Council political groups
  Independents (4)
  Yarra for All (3)
  Greens (2)
Party Councillors
  Independent 4
  Yarra for All 3
  Greens 2
Total 9

Current composition[edit]

The current council, elected in 2020, in order of election by ward, is:

Ward Councillor Party Notes
Langridge[9]   Stephen Jolly Yarra for All
  Anab Mohamud Independent Deputy Mayor
  Michael Glynatsis Yarra for All Elected in 2023 via a countback to replace Gabrielle de Vietri[10]
Melba[9]   Edward Crossland Greens Mayor
  Claudia Nguyen Independent
  Herschel Landes Independent  
Nicholls[9]   Bridgid O'Brien Yarra for All
  Sophie Wade Greens  
  Amanda Stone Independent Elected as a member of The Greens but quit in February 2023[11]


Past councillors[edit]

1996–2004 (five wards)[edit]

Year Carringbush Docker MacKillop Merri Nicholson
Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor
1996   John Sawyer (Labor)   Li Hiam Lai (Labor)   Marion Macleod (Independent)   James Martakis (Independent)   Steve Watson (Labor)   Linda Hoskins (Labor)   Robyn Williams (Labor)   John Phillips (Labor)   Ray Thomas (Labor)
1999   Sue Corby (Labor)   Fiona Harman (Labor)   Kay Meadows (Labor)
2001   Gurm Sekhon (Greens)
2002   Judy Morton (Ind. Labor)   Greg Barber (Greens)   Deborah Di Natale (Greens)   Jenny Farrar (Greens)   Jackie Fristacky (Independent)

2004–2024 (three wards)[edit]

Langridge Ward[edit]

Year Councillor Party Councillor Party Councillor Party
2004   Jenny Farrar Greens   Annabel Barbara Labor   Stephen Jolly Socialist
2008 Geoff Barbour Labor
2008 Amanda Stone Greens
2016   The Socialists
2016 Danae Bosler Labor
2017   Independent Socialist
2018   Victorian Socialists
2019   Independent Socialist
2020 Anab Mohamud Greens   Gabrielle de Vietri Greens
2023   Michael Glynatsis Independent
2024   Independent   Yarra for All   Yarra for All

Melba Ward[edit]

Year Councillor Party Councillor Party Councillor Party
2004   Kay Meadows Labor   Gurm Sekhon Greens   Judy Morton Independent Labor
2008 Josh Funder Labor Allison Clarke Greens   Dale Smedley Independent
2012 Simon Huggins Labor Misha Coleman Greens Phillip Vlahogiannis Independent
2016 Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei Labor James Searle Greens Daniel Nguyen Independent
2020   Herschel Landes Independent Edward Crossland Greens Claudia Nguyen Independent

Nicholls Ward[edit]

Year Councillor Party Councillor Party Councillor Party
2004   Kathleen Maltzahn Greens   Paul D'Agostino Labor   Jackie Fristacky Independent
2008 Sam Gaylard Greens Jane Garrett Labor
2011   Anthony Main Socialist
2012   Roberto Colanzi Labor
2016 Mike McEvoy Greens   Misha Coleman Greens
2017   Independent
2019a   Bridgid O'Brien Victorian Socialists
2019b   Independent Socialist
2020   Sophie Wade Greens   Amanda Stone Greens
2023   Independent
2024   Yarra for All

2024 (nine wards)[edit]

These wards will come into effect at the October 2024 election.

Year Boulevard Curtain Hoddle Langridge Lennox MacKillop Melba Nicholls Yarra Bend
Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor Councillor
2024   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD

Election results[edit]


2020 Victorian local elections: Yarra[12][13]
Party Votes % Seats Change
  Greens 14,359 27.40 5 Increase 1
  Independent 9,795 18.69 2 Steady
  Labor 7,501 14.31 0 Decrease 2
  Independent Socialist 7,380 14.08 2 Increase 2
  Reason 2,609 4.98 0 Steady
  Independent Liberal 2,217 4.23 0 Steady
  Richmond First 1,897 3.62 0 Steady
  Liberal Democrats 1,282 2.45 0 Steady
  Animal Justice 524 1.00 0 Steady
 Total formal votes 52,400 100.0
 Turnout 70.15


2004 Victorian local elections: Yarra[14][15][16][17]
Party Votes % Seats Change
  Labor 9,486 31.91 3
  Greens 8,264 27.79 3 Decrease 1
  Independent 4,839 16.27 1
  Independent Labor 4,104 13.81 1 Steady
  Campaign for a Better City 1,897 6.38 0 Steady
  Socialist Left-Wing Team 1,359 4.57 1 Increase 1
  Socialist Alliance 302 1.02 0 Steady
 Total formal votes 29,729 92.06
 Informal votes 2,563 7.94
 Total 32,292 100.0 9
 Registered voters / Turnout 61,407 52.59

Australia Day[edit]

In August 2017, the Yarra City Council voted unanimously at a town hall meeting to cancel annual Australia Day events, including citizenship ceremonies and instead hold a culturally sensitive event "marking the loss of Indigenous culture".[18] The council also voted to begin lobbying the federal government to change the date of Australia's national day and to use council publications and media to campaign in favour of changing the date. Then Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, accused the council of "using a day that should unite Australians to divide Australians".[18] The City of Darebin later followed suit.[19]

Townships and localities[edit]

In the 2021 census, the city had a population of 90,114 up from 86,657 in the 2016 census.[2]

Locality 2016 2021
Abbotsford 8,184 9,088
Alphington^ 5,080 5,702
Burnley 769 794
Carlton North^ 6,300 6,177
Clifton Hill 6,341 6,606
Collingwood 8,513 9,179
Cremorne 2,018 2,158
Fairfield^ 6,558 6,535
Fitzroy 10,445 10,431
Fitzroy North^ 12,339 12,781
Princes Hill 2,126 2,005
Richmond 27,705 28,587

^ - Territory divided with another LGA


The City of Yarra has a high concentration of fashion, technology, and media businesses. Companies located in the City of Yarra include:


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