City of the Fallen

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City of the Fallen
Genre Music production
Founder Ryan Amon
Headquarters Washington DC, United States
Products Trailer music

City of the Fallen is a production music company based in Washington DC.[1] Founded by Ryan Amon in 2009,[2] the company produces music for movie trailers. In early 2012, Ryan released City of the Fallen's first public album called "Divinus", which was made available via Amazon and iTunes. In late 2011 after the release of City of the Fallen's 5th volume, "Divine Power", Amon announced that he would be taking a break from writing and composing music for City of the Fallen after focusing on the company for the last 3 years. In early 2012 when a fan asked via City of the Fallen's Facebook page if Ryan would resume writing and composing music in 2012, he replied only saying "We think that sounds like a good idea..."


  • In The Beginning (2009)
  • Exsilium (2010)
  • Revelations (2010)
  • Crucible (2010)
  • Divine Power (2011)

Public Albums[edit]

  • Divinus (2012)

Media Usage[edit]

A custom version of the cue Prince of Darkness from the second album Exsilium had been used in the trailer of The Avengers in 2012.

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