Citybeat (band)

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Origin Hong Kong
Genres Pop
Years active 1980s
Past members John Laudon
Daryl Ching
Jerry Marshall
Jym Kay
Chuck D. Eddy

Citybeat (Chinese: 城市節拍) was a pop music group that was active in Hong Kong during the 1980s. There are five members in the group, namely:


John Laudon (singer) wrote numerous songs for Hong Kong Pop stars. Jym Kay (drummer) was the Host of the television program "Solid Gold" on TVB. The band toured in China, The United States, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Macau.

All of them are foreigners in Hong Kong. They sang songs in English, but later became known as the first American band to record songs in Cantonese. Some of their songs spread the messages of Christianity.


They recorded four albums and eight music videos, and on numerous television shows. Citybeat appeared in the eTV in the primary six programme, "CityBeat comes to town". The song "Standing as one" and accompanying video we're on high rotation during the 1989 Tiananmen Square Student movement in China. This song and music video opened doors for them to play as the only foreign band at the "Concert for Democracy" in Hong Kong for 170,000 people.

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