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Citybus or City bus may refer to:

  • A city bus, also known as a commuter bus, transit bus, or public bus
  • Citybus (Hong Kong), a bus operator in the territory of Hong Kong.
  • Metro (Belfast), a bus operator in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, with an older name of Citybus.
  • The Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation, which uses the operating name of CityBus.
  • Volvo Citybus (also known as B10MD, D10M), a double-deck bus developed from mid-engined Volvo B10M.
  • Plymouth Citybus, a bus operator in the city of Plymouth.
  • Capital Citybus, a former London bus operator by Citybus Hong Kong and have been purchased by First Group.
  • Iveco Citybus, a model of urban bus built by Irisbus. Available in 12 metre and 18 metre versions.
  • Indore City Bus, a road transport system run by Indore City Transport Services Limited in India

The similar name Citibus may refer to: