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Coordinates: 22°17′9″N 114°13′4″E / 22.28583°N 114.21778°E / 22.28583; 114.21778

Cityplaza logo eng.png
Location 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong
Opening date 1982-2000(Phase 1-2)
1991-1997(Phases 3-4)
Developer Swire Properties
Management Swire Properties
Owner Swire Properties
No. of stores and services 170
Total retail floor area 1,110,000 sq ft (103,000 m2)
Logo from 1990s to 2015
Musical fountain in Cityplaza, which is demolished in 2013
Cityplaza interior
Dinosaur exhibition in 2005
Christmas decoration in 2005
"Ice Palace" skating rink

Cityplaza (Chinese: 太古城中心) is a shopping centre in Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong Island. It is owned by Swire Properties. The shopping centre is connected to Tai Koo MTR Station, the six-level mall houses more than 170 shops, restaurants, a cinema and an indoor ice rink. Meanwhile, it is connected with three office buildings called Cityplaza One, Cityplaza Three and Cityplaza Four.

Cityplaza constantly updates its seasonal decoration, and also has frequent art, sport and other exhibitions in the public space near the MTR station.

History and development[edit]

Phase I[edit]

Cityplaza was completed in 1982. As there was no MTR connection yet, double decker buses were used as a free shuttle service when the Island Eastern Corridor expressway was finished in 1984.[citation needed]

There are six storeys in Phase I, with many locations having changed.

The 1/F used to be a Standard Chartered Bank with the remaining space for car parking, until 1987 when a big renovation saw the area converted into retail stores, including Marks & Spencer.

After the relocation of Wing On Department Stores, the former space was left unoccupied for over three years. Only in 1999 was it leased to Citysuper Log-On, and later fashion store Uniqlo.

Phase II[edit]

Phase 2 after renovation in 2015
Phase 2 new food court TREATS opened in late 2016

Phase II was completed in 1987. As there was a hole in the southwest corner of 2/F (opposite Cafe de Coral), one could see part of Whimsy's mini roller coaster ride, but this was filled after the latter's closing down in 1990. There were also large neon advertisements in the middle of Phase II, but these were removed after a big renovation in 2002 and 2014.

The old food court, including Burger King, Oliver's Super Sandwiches, Mario's, Fairwood, were originally situated next to the ice rink. It was closed in 2001 and replaced by the another food court on the 3rd floor, called Food Republic. In Dec 2016, a new food court, TREATS, opened in the original shop of Maxim's Palace. It provides bread, cheese sandwiches, fresh juices, Hong Kong style barbecued food & noodles, pasta, salad, sushi, sahshimi and Bento. Two restaurants, Cha Cha Room (Dim Sum) and Minh & Kok (Vietnamese food) are also situated inside TREATS.

Office space[edit]

Cityplaza has 1,700,000 sq ft (160,000 m2) of Grade A office space, in Cityplaza One, Three and Four.

Notable stores[edit]

Food Republic food court closed in 2015 and replaced by 5 new restaurants
Eslite store


Cityplaza has offered a three-hour free Wi-Fi access. Also, the mall provides two carparks, namely Cityplaza Carpark and Taikoo Shing Stage 10 Carpark.[1]


Located in the 1/F, the shopping mall has the longest running ice skating rink in Hong Kong named "Ice Palace".[2]


MTR Tai Koo Station is accessible directly from the second floor of Cityplaza. The companion escalator running from the MTR station to Cityplaza completed in April 2012. Shoppers can also get to the shopping centre by buses.

  • 77- Tin Wan ↔ Shau Kei Wan
  • 77X- Wah Kwai Estate → Tai Hong Street
  • 85- Siu Sai Wan ↺ Braemar Hill
  • 85A- Shau Kei Wan ↺ Braemar Hill (Morning Peak)
  • 85A- Aldrich Bay → Braemar Hill (Morning Peak)
  • 85A- North Point (Island Place) → Shau Kei Wan (Afternoon Peak)
  • 99- South Horizons ↔ Shau Kei Wan
  • 99X- South Horizons/ Ap Lei Chau → Tai Hong Street
  • A12- Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) ↔ Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
  • 2- Grand Promenade ↔ Central (Macau Ferry)
  • 81- Hing Wah Estate ↔ Lai Tak Tsuen (via Tai Hang)
  • 81A- Hing Wah Estate ↔ Lai Tak Tsuen(via Braemar Hill) (Rush Time Service)
  • 82- North Point Ferry ↔ Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
  • 82X- Siu Sai Wan ↺ Quarry Bay
  • 85- North Point (Island Place)↔ Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
  • 720- Grand Promenade ↔ Central (Macau Ferry) (Express)
  • 720P- Tai Koo Shing ↔ Central (Gilman Street) (Morning Peak Service)
  • 722- Yiu Tung Estate ↺ Central (Exchange Square)
Cross Harbour Tunnel Bus
  • 102- Mei Foo ↔ Shau Kei Wan
  • 106- Siu Sai Wan ↔ Wong Tai Sin
  • 110- Shau Kei Wan ↺ Tsim Sha Tsui/ Jordan
  • 606- Choi Wan (Fung Shing Street) ↔ Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)
  • 606A- Choi Wan (Fung Shing Street) ↔ Yiu Tung (Morning Peak Service)
  • 682- Ma On Shan ↔ Chai Wan (East)
  • 682A- Ma On Shan Town Centre → Siu Sai Wan Estate (Morning Peak Service) (No Return Trip Service to Ma On Shan.)
  • 682B- Sha Tin → Siu Sai Wan Estate (Morning Peak Service) (No Return Trip Service to Sha Tin.)
  • 682P- Ma On Shan/ Wu Kai Sha Station → Chai Wan (East) (Morning Peak Service) (No Return Trip Service to Ma On Shan.)
  • 802- Sha Tin Racecourse → Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) (Race Day Service) (No Return Trip Service to Sha Tin.)
  • N122- Mei Foo ↔ Shau Kei Wan (Midnight Service)
  • 18- Hang Hau (North) ↔ North Point (Pak Fuk Road)
  • 32- Kornhill ↔ Shau Kei Wan
  • 68- Aldrich Bay ↔ Quarry Bay Tai Koo
  • 65A- Quarry Bay ↔ Chai Wan

Nearby shopping malls[edit]


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