Ciudad Jardín (Madrid)

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Ciudad Jardín
Location of Ciudad Jardín
CountrySpain Spain
Aut. communityFlag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid
MunicipalityEscudo de Madrid.svg Madrid

Ciudad Jardín is a neighborhood (barrio) of the Chamartín district, situated in the northeast part of the city of Madrid and adjacent to the Salamanca district. It is located between Calle Calle Príncipe de Vergara, Avenida Ramón y Cajal and Calle López de Hoyos, the latter being one of the longest streets in the city and well known for its great commercial activity.


The Ciudad Jardín neighborhood is historically linked to Prosperidad, having been a part of the same suburb since its origins in 1862.[1] Since 1898, the present Ciudad Jardín was integrated into the Prosperidad neighborhoood, which belonged to the Buenavista district. In 1955 the town hall of Madrid added the town of Chamartín de la Rosa to the municipality as a new district, incorporating the Prosperidad neighborhood. A 1987 municipal decree divided Prosperidad in 2 different neighborhoods, Prosperidad and Ciudad Jardín, using the Calle de López de Hoyos as a limit, the commercial axis of the early neighborhood.[1]


The number of inhabitants in the last 10 years or so.[2]

Demographic Evolution
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
18,516 18,623 18,791 18,828 18,951 18,953 18,874 18,532 18,467 18,140
Source: Padrón Municipal de Habitantes


Cercanías Madrid[edit]

The closest station is Nuevos Ministerios (C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-7, C-8 y C-10) in the El Viso neighborhood. There is no direct connection between the neighborhood and line 6 or line 8. Although it is much further, the Recoletos station (C-1, C-2, C-7, C-8 y C-10) does have a direct connection to the neighborhood on line 4.

Madrid Metro[edit]

The 4 and 9 lines service the neighborhood as follows:

  • The 4 line borders the neighborhood to the south with the Prosperidad and Alfonso XIII stations.
  • The 9 line borders the neighborhood to the west with the Cruz del Rayo and Concha Espina stops.


The neighborhood has plentiful access to a variety of bus lines, including:

Line Stop
1 Pza. Cristo Rey – Prosperidad
9 Sevilla – Hortaleza
16 Moncloa – Avda. Pío XII
19 Pza. Cataluña – Pza. Legazpi
29 Avda. Felipe II – Manoteras
40 Tribunal – Alfonso XIII
43 Avda. Felipe II – Estrecho
52 Puerta del Sol – Santamarca
72 Diego de León – Hortaleza
73 Diego de León – Canillas
120 Plaza de Lima – Hortaleza
N1 Pza. Cibeles – Sanchinarro
N2 Pza. Cibeles – Hortaleza

Coordinates: 40°26′49″N 3°40′18″W / 40.44694°N 3.67167°W / 40.44694; -3.67167