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Colonia Ciudad San Cristóbal
Country Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Department Guatemala Department

Ciudad San Cristóbal is a neighbourhood[1] in the city of Mixco, and part of the department of Guatemala.

One of the biggest housing developments near Guatemala City, it was first developed by DEINCO, a major real estate company, in 1973. It spans over more than 10 square kilometers, separated from the capital by a canyon, which had made it previously very difficult to develop. DEINCO built a bridge, called the San Cristobal Bridge, to enable people to easily reach the new development from the city. At first only two lanes, the bridge had to be later expanded to 4 lanes to accommodate the enormous amount of traffic going and coming from the city.

According to the 2002 population survey by the National Institute of Statistics, the entire Mixco municipality is home to more than 400,000 people. Of these, at least 150,000 live in Ciudad San Cristóbal.

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