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Civic Center/UN Plaza
Bay Area Rapid Transit BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg
Rapid transit (BART)
Light rail (Muni)
A Muni Metro train (foregound) waiting in the station level while another train (background) is boarding passengers
Location 1150 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Coordinates 37°46′47″N 122°24′49″W / 37.779861°N 122.413498°W / 37.779861; -122.413498Coordinates: 37°46′47″N 122°24′49″W / 37.779861°N 122.413498°W / 37.779861; -122.413498
Platforms 1 high level island platform (BART)
1 high level island platform (Muni Metro)
2 low level side platforms (MKSR)
Tracks 2 wide gauge (BART)
2 standard gauge (Muni Metro)
2 standard gauge (MKSR)
AC Transit
Golden Gate Transit
Valley of the Moon Commute Club
Kaiser Shuttle Yellow Line
Disabled access Yes
Opened November 5, 1973 (43 years ago) (BART)
February 1980 (37 years ago) (Muni)
Passengers (FY 2016) 23,564 exits/day[1]Increase 3.52%
Preceding station   Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit   Following station
toward Richmond
Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae
toward Millbrae (Daly City on Saturdays)
Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City
toward Daly City
Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae
toward SFO (Millbrae on weeknights & weekends)
Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City
toward Daly City
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni Metro
One-way operation
K Ingleside
toward Balboa Park
toward Embarcadero
J Church
L Taraval
M Ocean View
N Judah
S Castro Shuttle
toward Castro Street
(West Portal on AT&T Park game days)
toward Sunnydale
T Third Street
One-way operation
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni heritage railway
F Market & Wharves
Transfer at: 7th and Jones or 8th and Hyde
toward 17th and Castro

Civic Center/UN Plaza is a BART and Muni Metro station in the Civic Center of San Francisco. The westernmost of the dual BART/Muni stops on the Market Street Subway, Civic Center/UN Plaza acts as a major hub for passenger movement throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With 18,432 exits each weekday, it is the fourth-busiest station in the BART system.


Outside, in the United Nations Plaza itself, facing Market Street, there is a fountain and a north-south cross marking its center to be at latitude/longitude coordinates 37°46′48″N 122° 24′49″W. There is a flea market at the plaza or farmer's market every day, year round.

There are several notable buildings in the Civic Center area, including City Hall, the War Memorial Opera House, Asian Art Museum, Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall. The San Francisco Public Library's main branch is located across the street and San Francisco City Clinic is 2 blocks east on 7th street. Tenderloin is located two blocks north of the station.


Service at this station began on November 5, 1973.[2]

Station layout[edit]

G Street Level Exit/Entrance
M Mezzanine One-way faregates, ticket machines, station agent
B1 Outbound  J Church toward Balboa Park (Van Ness)
 K Ingleside toward Balboa Park (Van Ness)
 L Taraval toward 46th Avenue and Wawona (Van Ness)
 M Ocean View toward San Jose and Geneva / Balboa Park (Van Ness)
 N Judah toward Judah and La Playa (Van Ness)
 S Castro Shuttle toward Castro Street, West Portal on AT&T Park game days (Van Ness)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Inbound  J Church toward Embarcadero (Powell Street)
 L Taraval toward Embarcadero (Powell Street)
 M Ocean View toward Embarcadero (Powell Street)
 N Judah toward 4th and King/Caltrain Depot (Powell Street)
 S Castro Shuttle toward Embarcadero, 4th and King/Caltrain Depot on AT&T Park game days (Powell Street)
 T Third Street toward Sunnydale (Powell Street)
B2 Southbound/Westbound (Platform 1)      Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae toward SFO weekdays, Millbrae weekends (16th Street Mission)
     Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City toward Daly City (16th Street Mission)
     Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae toward Millbrae weekdays, Daly City Saturdays (16th Street Mission)
     Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City toward Daly City (16th Street Mission)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Northbound/Eastbound (Platform 2)      Pittsburg/​Bay Point–​SFO/​Millbrae toward Pittsburg / Bay Point (Powell Street)
     Dublin/​Pleasanton–​Daly City toward Dublin / Pleasanton (Powell Street)
     Richmond–​Daly City/​Millbrae toward Richmond (Powell Street)
     Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City toward Warm Springs (Powell Street)

Like all stations in the Market Street Subway apart from Van Ness, Civic Center/UN Plaza has a tri-level configuration. Passengers first descend from the street to a mezzanine concourse containing faregates for passengers to enter separate BART and Muni paid areas, with one BART entrance on each end and one for Muni in the middle. Muni Metro trains stop at an island platform on the second level down. The Muni platform is punctured in several locations by openings for stairs and escalators that go directly from the mezzanine level to the BART platform, bypassing the Muni platform. As the openings are not blocked off by walls, it is possible to hear activity on the Muni platform from the BART platform.

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