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Civic Community
LeaderCarlos Mesa
FoundedNovember 13, 2018 (2018-11-13)
Liberal democracy
Political positionCentre
Chamber of Deputies
50 / 130
14 / 36

Civic Community[1][2] (Spanish: Comunidad Ciudadana, abbreviated CC; lit. Citizens Community) is a centrist Bolivian political coalition led by former president Carlos Mesa, founded in 2018 to contest the 2019 general election. It was born of the alliance of Revolutionary Left Front (FRI), Sovereignty and Freedom (Sol.Bo), All Organization, and Kochala Force parties.[3][4] The alliance holds Mesa's presidential candidacy, with former minister Gustavo Pedraza as his running mate. The CC elected 50 deputies and 14 senators in the country's Plurinational Legislative Assembly in the election.

The CC campaign focuses on condemning the controversial candidacy of incumbent president Evo Morales to a fourth consecutive five-year term. The election took place on October 20, 2019. With a preliminary vote count of 45% for incumbent president Evo Morales and 38% for his leading challenger, former president Carlos Mesa, after 83% of votes were counted, neither of those conditions appeared likely to be met. A second-round runoff vote between those two candidates would therefore be held on 15 December.[5]

After that figure of 83% of the total, however, no further updates to the preliminary results were made after 19:40 hours local time, which caused consternation among oppostion politicians and the election monitors deployed by the Organization of American States; candidate Mesa described the suspension as "extremely serious" and spoke of manipulation, while the OAS said an explanation was essential. The electoral authorities explained that updates to the preliminary count had been halted because the official results were beginning to be released; nevertheless, no official results were published overnight.[6]

On September 30, 2019, coalition members confirmed that they would contest the 2020 regional elections together.[7]

Constituent parties[edit]

The Civic Community Coalition is currently composed of the following political parties:

Party Ideology
Revolutionary Left Front Reformism, Social democracy
Sovereignty and Freedom Social democracy

Electoral results[edit]

Presidential elections[edit]

Election year Candidate 1st round 2nd round
# of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall votes % of overall vote
2019 Carlos Mesa 2,240,920 36.51 (#2)

Legislative elections[edit]

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of Deputies seats won +/- # of Senate seats won +/- Notes
2019 2,240,920 36.51 (#2)
50 / 130
Increase 50
14 / 36
Increase 14


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