Civic Initiative of Gora

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Civic Initiative of Gora
Грађанска Иницијатива Горе
Građanska Inicijativa Gore
Headquarters Gora
Ideology Gorani miniority politics
Assembly of Kosovo
1 / 120
Assembly of Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija
1 / 45
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The Civic Initiative of Gora (Serbian: Грађанска Иницијатива Горе, Građanska Inicijativa Gore) is a Gorani political party in Kosovo.

In the legislative elections on 24 October 2004, the party won 0.2% of the popular vote and 1 out of 120 seats. They successfully defended that seat at the 2007 election, which preceded the disputed 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence.

The party has since taken a seat in the Community Assembly of Kosovo and Metohija, which is not recognized by the Republic of Kosovo.

The Civic Initiative of Gora has stated that they want Gora (a former municipality with a Gorani majority that was merged with Opolje to form the Dragaš municipality which has an Albanian majority) to join the Community of Serb municipalities. On 3 November 2013 70% voted in favour of establishing the Gora municipality as part of the Community of Serb municipalities, according to Gorani political leader Safet Kuši.[1]