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The Civic Party of Kazakhstan (Kazakh: Qazaqstan Azamattlyk Partiyasi, QAP) is a defunct political party in Kazakhstan.[1]

QAP participated as part of the Agrarian and Industrial Union of Workers Block that won 7.1% of the popular vote and 11 out of 77 seats in the 2004 legislative elections. The elections were held on 19 September and 3 October.[citation needed]

QAP held a party congress on 10 November 2006. QAP leader Azat Peruashev and President Nursultan Nazarbayev both attended. Peruashev announced that QAP officially merged into Otan, the largest political party in Kazakhstan and the party of Nazarbayev, justifying the move by saying that "the interests of the nation" must take precedence. Nazarbayev said he expected other parties to merge with Otan. Nazarbayev said there should be fewer, stronger parties that "efficiently defend the interests of the population."[1]