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The Civil Air Search and Rescue Association or CASARA, is a Canada-wide volunteer aviation association dedicated to the promotion of aviation safety, and to the provision of air search support services to Canada's National Search and Rescue Program.

Membership is open to private aircraft owners and pilots, as well as to those who wish to receive training as spotters (air observers), navigators, and ground team members. CASARA members receive training in fields such as aviation safety, meteorology, survival awareness and electronic search techniques and procedures.

CASARA is a civilian organization which receives funding from the Canadian Forces and Transport Canada. CASARA assists the Royal Canadian Air Force in carrying out its aeronautical search and rescue mandate by providing trained spotters for military aircraft; by providing its own search aircraft and crews; and by providing ground teams that specialize in locating emergency beacons.

CASARA also contributes to Transport Canada's aviation safety mandate by promoting aviation safety and search and rescue awareness in local communities. CASARA applies its federal funding to offset training costs, and is also compensated for expenses incurred during actual search and rescue operations. Many CASARA organizations also have arrangements with provincial and territorial search and rescue authorities to provide air resources in support of ground and inland water search operations.

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