Civil Aviation Division of East Timor

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Civil Aviation Timor-Leste is a government organization, part of the Department of Transport & Communications in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Public Works (MTCOP) to promote the safety, efficiency and regularity of aviation services in Timor Leste. The civil aviation division also has the responsibility for overall planning, implementation and operation of the aviation services in East Timor.

The regulation applied by the civil aviation division in East Timor is in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standard and Recommendation Practices. The head of Civil Aviation Division is a Director who will advise the Minister of Transport, Communication and Public works on all aviation policy matters concerning the international civil aviation including those pertaining of air navigation services in East Timor.

Domestic operation[edit]

The Civil Aviation Division provides airport services and air navigation services for Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport, complying with international standard service. Some other airports, such as Baucau and Suai, remain as unattended airports. Most of the flights operating into Lobato International Airport on charter flight basis only.

Foreign operations[edit]

There are now three foreign airlines operating into Dili on commercial flight purposes. Merpati Airlines from Indonesia provides daily passenger services between Denpasar and Dili, and Airnorth provides passenger services twice daily to Darwin, while AustAsia Airlines, using a chartered Silkair aircraft operates flights to Singapore three times a week.

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