Civil Disobedience (album)

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Civil Disobedience
Civil Disobedience (album).jpg
Studio album by Leæther Strip
Released April 11, 2008
Genre Industrial, EBM
Label Alfa Matrix
Leæther Strip chronology
The Giant Minutes to the Dawn
Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience is the eleventh studio album by Danish electro-industrial musical project Leæther Strip.

The limited release of the album included the bonus CD One Nine Eight Two.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. Civil Disobedience
  2. The Damaged People
  3. When Blood Runs Dark
  4. Bite Until You Taste Blood
  5. Jagtvej 69
  6. Going Nowhere
  7. I Said I'm Sorry
  8. Pissing On My Territory
  9. It Hurts Doesn't It
  10. One Day
  11. The Devil's Daughter

Disc 2[edit]

  1. A Whore For Jesus
  2. I Wear Black On The Inside
  3. Machineries Of Joy (Die Krupps cover)
  4. Snakebite
  5. Soul Collector
  6. Could Ya, Did Ya
  7. In The Arms Of A Demon
  8. One More Reason
  9. The Cradle Of Death
  10. Stains
  11. The Evil In Putin's Eyes