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The Civil Service Commission of the Philippines (Filipino: Komisyon ng Serbisyo Sibil, abbreviated as CSC) is a government agency which deals with civil service matters and conflict resolution. It is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the integrity of government actions and processes. The commission was originally founded in 1900 through Act No. 5[1] of the Philippine Commission and was solidified as a bureau in 1905. Along with the Commission on Elections and Commission on Audit the CSC is part of the Constitutional Commissions of the Philippine Government. There are currently 15 regional offices located throughout the country.

Alicia Dela Rosa-Bala, the former assistant secretary of Department of Social Welfare and Development, is the incumbent chairperson of the Commission.[2]



Name Term started Term scheduled to end Position Appointed by
Alicia Dela Rosa-Bala September 15, 2015 Chairman Benigno Aquino III
Robert Martinez July 6, 2013 February 2, 2018 Commissioner Benigno Aquino III
Nieves Osorio May 20, 2013 February 2, 2016 Commissioner Benigno Aquino III

Career Executive Service Board[edit]

Intended as the main entity in-charge of the affairs of occupants of the government's top management positions, the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) was created as an attached agency to the Civil Service Commission. The board administers also the Career Executive Service (CES) Eligibility Examination to screen aspirants to CES positions in government.



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