List of civil decorations of Nazi Germany

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Civil decorations of the Nazi Germany were awards and medals issued by the government of Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.

Civil decorations were considered the lowest order of medals, after military decorations of the Third Reich and political decorations of the Nazi Party. Civil decorations were authorized for display on civilian clothing and paramilitary uniforms of the Nazi Party; however, their wear was often prohibited on active duty military uniforms of the Wehrmacht; the notable exception to this were sports badges which were granted the same status as military qualification awards.

The civil decorations of Nazi Germany are divided into the following groups:

German Youth Decorations[edit]

Sports Decorations[edit]

Civil Awards[edit]

Labor and Trade Decorations[edit]

Red Cross Awards[edit]

Diplomatic Awards[edit]

All German Eagle decorations were awarded both with and without swords and could be upgraded to a gold version and also gold with diamonds. The German Eagle was intended as an award for foreigners while the Special Grade (without degree) was awarded to Germans.

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