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This list of civil engineers is a list of notable people who have been trained in or have practiced civil engineering.


Name Notability References
Duff Abrams Early concrete researcher
Bahaedin Adab Iranian Kurdish politician and engineer
Campbell W. Adams New York State Engineer and Surveyor
Charles Adler, Jr. American inventor of traffic lights and railway engineer
Marcus Agrippa Ancient Roman general
Povl Ahm Danish former Ove Arup & Partners chairman
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of Iran
John Aird English engineer from the late 19th century
Maurice L. Albertson American water resources engineer and academic
Truman H. Aldrich American civil and mining engineer
Thomas Aldwell American engineer of the Elwha Dam
Archie Alexander American bridge and road engineer
Don A. Allen Member of the California State Assembly and of the Los Angeles City Council in the 1940s and 1950s [1][2]
Renato de Albuquerque Brazilian founder of Albuquerque & Takaoka
Horatio Allen American railway engineer
Braden Allenby American civil engineering professor
John Wolfe Ambrose American engineer and namesake of the Ambrose Channel in New York
Othmar Ammann Designed the George Washington Bridge, among others
David Anderson Scottish civil engineer and lawyer
Apollodorus of Damascus Ancient Greek engineer and architect
Yasser Arafat Former Palestinian President
William George Armstrong British engineer and 22nd president of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Arnab Jan Deka Brahmaputra river engineer
Ferdinand Arnodin French bridge builder
Sir William Arrol Scottish engineer involved with the construction of the Tay Rail Bridge, the Forth Bridge and Tower Bridge
Sir Ove Arup Founder of Arup
John Aspinall British railway engineer
Sir William Sydney Atkins CBE Founder of Atkins, one of the United Kingdom's largest engineering consultancies
Peter C. Assersen Rear Admiral in the United States Navy
Gunvald Aus Norwegian-American engineer, engineered the construction of the Woolworth Building in New York City
Bilal M. Ayyub American engineering academic


Name Notability References
Benjamin Baker English engineer in late 19th century
William F. Baker American structural engineer of the Burj Khalifa
Michel Bakhoum Egyptian consultant engineer and academic
Nicol Hugh Baird Canal engineer and surveyor
George Rumford Baldwin American canal engineer
James Fowle Baldwin American canal engineer
Loammi Baldwin American engineer and soldier
Hannskarl Bandel Madison Square Garden roof, Crystal Cathedral
Harvey Oren Banks State Engineer of California
James Arthur Banks British dam engineer
Robert Barker English railway engineer who also played in the first ever football international game
Henry Barnes Traffic engineer who worked in US cities during 20th century
Nora Stanton Blatch Barney American civil engineer
Peter W. Barlow English engineer in late 19th century; notable for Lambeth Bridge (old) and tunnelling shield
William Henry Barlow English engineer in late 19th century; railway engineering
Frank Baron American academic
Alfred Barrett American engineer of the Erie Canal
Javier Barros Sierra Mexican engineer and teacher
Sir John Wolfe-Barry English engineer in late 19th century; designed Tower Bridge
Lt Col Arthur John Barry English engineer in late 19th and early 20th century; projects in China and India
John Vernon Bartlett British civil and military engineer
Edward William Barton-Wright British martial arts teacher
John Frederic La Trobe Bateman British hydraulic engineer
Sir Joseph Bazalgette English engineer in late 19th century; London sewerage system
Sir Thomas Hudson Beare English engineer, academic
Nikolay Apollonovich Belelyubski Russian bridge engineer
Bernard Forest de Belidor Hydraulic engineer
Horace Bell British railway engineer in India
William Bennet English canal engineer
William Bennett Irish-Australian bridge builder; Prince Alfred Bridge, Denison Bridge [3]
Samuel Bentham Designer of Vauxhall Bridge
Arthur Bergan Canadian highways engineer
Sir George Berkley British railway engineer
Henry Berry Liverpool dock engineer
Charles Beyer Anglo-German locomotive engineer
George Parker Bidder British engineer; railways, telegraphs and hydraulics
Sir Alexander Binnie English engineer in late 19th century; tunnels and bridges across the Thames
William Binnie British waterworks engineer, son of the above
Geoffrey Binnie Dam engineer, grandson and son of the above
Osama bin Laden Founder of al-Qaeda, studied civil engineering at university
Alan W. Bishop Developer of Bishop's method of analysing earth dams
Magnus Bjorndal American engineer and inventor
John Blenkinsop English engineer in mid-19th century; railways, locomotives and mining
Benjamin Blyth Scottish railway engineer
Benjamin Blyth II Scottish railway engineer, first practising Scottish engineer to become president of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Gudmundur S. (Bo) Bodvarsson Icelandic civil engineer and researcher
Alfred P. Boller American civil engineer
Sir Thomas Bouch English engineer in late 19th century; first Tay Rail Bridge disaster
Guillaume Boutheroue 17th-century French canal engineer
John Bradfield Designer of Sydney Harbour Bridge
William Bragge English engineer in the 19th century
Frederick Bramwell British engineer
Jacob R. Brandt American engineer in mid-19th century; covered bridge engineer
James Brindley English engineer from mid-18th century; designed canals and watermills
John Alexander Brodie City Engineer of Liverpool and inventor of the football goal net
Samuel Brown British naval officer and bridge designer
William Brown structural engineer
George Barclay Bruce English railway engineer
Peter Bruff British civil engineer
Henry Marc Brunel English engineer in late 19th century
Isambard Kingdom Brunel English engineer in mid-19th century; designed Great Western Railway, a series of famous steamships, and important bridges
Marc Isambard Brunel French engineer in early 19th century; notable for the Thames foot tunnel
James Brunlees Scottish engineer notable for designing Southend Pier
Peter Bruff English engineer in 19th century; notable for work in Clacton on Sea
Sir George Buchanan British civil engineer associated with harbour works in Burma, Iraq and Bombay, during early 20th century
George W. Buck British canal, bridge and railway engineer
Leffert L. Buck American civil engineer
Alfred Burges British civil engineer
John Burland Professor of civil engineering
Godliver Businge Ugandan civil engineer [4]


Name Notability References
Santiago Calatrava Spanish architect: skyscrapers, bridges, train stations
Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo Spanish Prime Minister
Ian McDonald Campbell British civil engineer
Harold Camping Civil engineer and end times prophecy maker
Frederick William Cappelen American engineer, designed the Cappelen Memorial Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Albert Caquot French civil engineer
Edgar Cardoso Portuguese civil engineer and professor
Marie François Sadi Carnot French civil engineer, then President of France
Arthur Casagrande Civil engineer specialising in geotechnics
Giovanni Domenico Cassini 17th- and 18th-century astronomer and engineer of papal fortifications
Heberto Castillo Martínez Mexican engineer, writer, social leader and political activist. Inventor of the composite material tridilosa
Augustin Louis Cauchy French mathematician
Louis-Alexandre de Cessart French bridge builder
Octave Chanute 19th-century American railroad engineer and aviation pioneer
Joseph Chaley French suspension bridge designer
Lemuel Chenoweth American covered bridge designer
Jamilur Reza Choudhury Vice-Chancellor of University of Asia Pacific
Edwin Clark Designer of the Anderton Boat Lift
William Tierney Clark English engineer in mid-19th century; suspension bridges
Barry Clarke British geotechnical engineer
G. Wayne Clough Former president of the Georgia Institute of Technology; current secretary of the Smithsonian Institution
Reginald Coates British civil engineer and academic
Alan Cockshaw British civil engineer and ICE President
Clarence S. Coe American railroad and span bridge designer and builder
Abraham Burton Cohen American civil engineer
Joseph Colaco American structural engineer
David Consunji Filipino businessman and chairman of DMCI Holdings, Inc.; 2017 Forbes 6th richest Filipino [5]
Henry Conybeare English civil engineer and architect, responsible for creating a clean water supply to Mumbai
John Coode English engineer, notable for work on Portland Harbour
Theodore Cooper American civil engineer, supervisor of Quebec Bridge
Hugues Cosnier 17th-century French canal engineer
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb Physicist who also developed methods for retaining wall design
Peter Arthur Cox British civil engineer
Henry Cronin British civil engineer
Hardy Cross American engineer in 20th century; notable for the developer of the moment distribution method
Joseph Cubitt Designer of Blackfriars Railway Bridge
William Cubitt English engineer in 19th century
Carl Culmann German engineer in mid-19th century; notable for graphical pioneering statical methods


Name Notability References
Leonardo da Vinci
James Dadford English canal engineer
John Dadford English canal engineer
Thomas Dadford English canal engineer
Thomas Dadford, Jr. English canal engineer
Gustaf Dalén Sun valve, unmanned acetylene lighthouses
George Christian Darbyshire Australian railway engineer
Henry Darcy Hydraulics
William Dargan Irish railway engineer
Jonathan Davidson British civil engineer
Simon James Dawson Red River road
Bruce Day Australian bridge engineer
Fabrizio de Miranda Italian bridge engineer
H. D. Deve Gowda Ex-Prime Minister of India
Samuel Diescher Hungarian railway engineer
Franz Dischinger German civil and structural engineer
Sydney Donkin British civil, mechanical and electrical engineer
Mulalo Doyoyo South African engineer, inventor and professor
Francis Drake
James Nicholas Douglass English lighthouse engineer
Guillaume Henri Dufour Swiss army officer, surveyor and engineer
Jules Dupuit
H. Kempton Dyson British civil and structural engineer


Name Notability References
James Buchanan Eads American civil engineer
John S. Eastwood American dam engineer
Marc Edwards American professor
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Eiffel Tower
Hans Albert Einstein Hydraulics
Clark Eldridge Tacoma Narrows Bridge designer
Charles Ellet, Jr. American army officer and engineer
Robert Elliott-Cooper British civil engineer
Edward B. Ellington British hydraulic engineer
William Henry Ellis British civil engineer and steel maker
Bill Emery CEO of the Office of Rail Regulation
Jose Izquierdo Encarnacion Puerto Rican Secretary of State
John Endres Prussian-American railway engineer
John Ericsson Propeller, USS Monitor
Edilberto Evangelista Filipino engineer and soldier
John Breedon Everard English civil engineer


Name Notability References
William Fairhurst Bridge builder and chess master
Hilario Fernández Long Argentine engineer and university president
Joshua Field Telegraph cables, sewerage
Albert Fink German railway engineer
James Finley American suspension bridge designer
Maurice Fitzmaurice Irish bridge, dam and tunnel engineer
Ken Fleming Northern Irish civil engineer and piling and foundations specialist
Sanford Fleming Railroads, time zones
Dick Fosbury Olympic high jumper, inventor of the Fosbury Flop
Sir John Fowler Bridges
Sir Charles Fox British railway engineer
Charles Douglas Fox British railway engineer
Sir Francis Fox British railway engineer
Sir William Francis British engineer
Thomas Pierson Frank British civil engineer
Ralph Freeman (1880–1950) English structural engineer
Ralph Freeman (1911–1998) English bridge and highways engineer
Eugène Freyssinet French structural engineer
Buckminster Fuller
Angus Fulton British civil engineer


Name Notability References
David du Bose Gaillard American engineer of the Panama Canal
Paul-Martin Gallocher de Lagalisserie French bridge engineer
James Anthony Gaffney British engineer in West Yorkshire
Thomas Galloway
Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri
George Gandy Builder of the Gandy Bridge
Oleksandr Garmash Ukrainian researcher
Émiland Gauthey French engineer and architect
Hubert Gautier French bridge engineer
Robert A. Gearheart American civil and environmental engineering professor
William George Nicholson Geddes Scottish engineer
Alexander Gibb Scottish railway and military engineer
John Gilbert Engineer of the Bridgewater Canal
Alfred Giles British civil engineer
Francis Giles British canal and railway engineer
William Glanville British highways engineer
George Washington Goethals Panama Canal, Goethals Bridge
William Grant Australian civil engineer and military commander
James Henry Greathead
Charles Hutton Gregory Railways
Samuel Arnold Greeley American civil engineer, textbook author
James Green British canal engineer
Charles Hutton Gregory railways,
William Grierson British railway engineer
John Griffith Irish engineer
Hans Ulrich Grubenmann
Johannes Grubenmann
Sarah Guppy Inventor and bridge engineer
John Gwynn English architect and civil engineer


Name Notability References
Sir William Halcrow Tunnels
Benjamin Hall, 1st Baron Llanover Big Ben
Archibald Milne Hamilton Callender-Hamilton bridge and Hamilton Road in Kurdistan
Björn Hamilton Swedish civil engineer and politician
William Hammond Hall American civil engineer noted for his work on Golden Gate Park and Californian water supplies
Dr Edmund Hambly British structural engineer
Peter Hansford British civil engineer, ICE President, and (from November 2012) UK chief construction adviser
Louis Harper Scottish bridge engineer
Sir William Gordon Harris British docks and roads engineer
Thomas Harrison British architect and engineer
Thomas Elliott Harrison British railway and bridge engineer
Arthur Hartley British oil engineer
Sir John Hawkshaw British railway and harbour engineer
John Clarke Hawkshaw British engineer, son of John Hawkshaw
Charles Hawksley Water engineer, son of Thomas Hawksley
Thomas Hawksley English engineer noted for his work on water supplies
David Hay British railway, bridge and tunnel engineer
Harrison Hayter British railway and harbour engineer
William Hazledine Ironfounder and bridge engineer
Brodie Henderson British railway engineer
Hugh Henshall British canal engineer and student of James Brindley
Roger Hetherington British civil engineer
Roger Gaskell Hetherington British Ministry of Health civil engineer
Clement Hindley British railway engineer
Charles DeLano Hine American railway engineer and management pioneer
Edward N. Hines American highway engineer
James Hird Australian rules footballer
George Andrew Hobson British railway and bridge engineer; designed Victoria Falls Bridge
Joseph Hobson Canadian railway engineer
Raymond Ho Hong King functional constituency representative for engineering
Walter Hohmann Buildings
Karen Holford Welsh acoustic engineer and academic
Clifford Milburn Holland Holland Tunnel
Xavier Hommaire de Hell 19th-century French engineer active in Turkey, southern Russia and Persia
Herbert Hoover Mining engineer and 31st President of the United States
John Hore English canal engineer and surveyor
Manuel Hornibrook Engineer of the Hornibrook Bridge
John Hotaling American soldier and businessman
Clarence Decatur Howe Grain elevators
John Howell & Son Engineers of main drainage system in Hastings, East Sussex
Hu Jintao General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People's Republic of China
George Humphreys British civil engineer


Name Notability References
X1 Q3
Pharaonic engineer who built the first Egyptian pyramid, the Step Pyrmanid of Djoser
Charles Inglis British engineer and academic
James Charles Inglis British engineer


Name Notability References
William Jackson Boston city engineer
George Robert Jebb Railway and canal engineer
John Holmes Jellett Docks and harbours
John B. Jervis Canals and railroads
Josias Jessop Engineer; son of William Jessop
William Jessop Canals
Harry Edward Jones British gasworks engineer
Paul Jowitt ICE President; sustainable engineering
Theodore Judah Railroads
Edward Judge Bridges


Name Notability References
Vistasp Karbhari Eighth president of the University of Texas at Arlington [6]
William Keay English civil engineer and architect
Alexander Kennedy British maritime and electrical engineer and academic
Joanna Kennedy English civil engineer and project manager
Oleg Kerensky Russian engineer with Freeman Fox & Partners
Boris Kerner Developer of three-phase traffic theory
Fazlur Rahman Khan Bangladeshi structural engineer and skyscraper specialist
Zenas King American engineer of the King Bridge Company
Ivica Kirin Croatian politician with a degree in geotechnical engineering
Hermann Knoflacher Austrian academic
Georg Knorr Railway engineer


Name Notability References
Charles Labelye Swiss engineer of the Westminster Bridge
Kirby Laing Former chairman of John Laing plc
George Thomas Landmann Military engineer and designer of first elevated suburban passenger railway
Tulio Larrínaga Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner
Rashid Latif Former Pakistani cricket team wicketkeeper and captain
J. J. Leeming British county surveyor and road engineer
Robert Legget Canadian non-fiction writer
Thomas Leiper Designer of a canal and railway
Cornelis Lely Dutch civil engineer and statesman, realised the Zuiderzee works as designer and Minister of Transport and Water Management
Curtis LeMay U.S. Air Force general and Vice-Presidential candidate
William LeMessurier American structural engineer
David Lennox Scottish mason and bridge engineer
Fritz Leonhardt German structural engineer
Ferdinand de Lesseps Engineer for the Suez Canal
Tung-Yen Lin Bridges, the pioneer of pre-stressed concrete
Louis Maurice Adolphe Linant de Bellefonds Chief Engineer of the Suez Canal
Gustav Lindenthal Czech bridge engineer
William Lindley Water and sewerage works
Joseph Locke Railways
Joseph Lstiburek Canadian forensic engineer
Anthony George Lyster British docks engineer


Name Notability References
John MacAdam Roads
Thomas Harris MacDonald Highway engineer
Sir John Benjamin Macneill Railways
William Mahone Plank road, railways
Robert Maillart Swiss, concrete bridges
Charles Manby Steamship navigation
Robert Manning Open channel flow
James Mansergh English railway, water supply and sewage engineer
Javier Manterola Spanish bridge engineer
Mao Yisheng Chinese structural engineer; expert on bridge construction
William Marriott English railway engineer
James Barney Marsh American concrete bridge engineer
Timothy P. Marshall Failure analysis, wind and impact engineering, meteorologist; co-developer of Enhanced Fujita Scale
William Matthews British harbour engineer
Jorge Matute Remus Mexican, known for moving a 1700-ton building in 1950
Guy Maunsell British, pre-stressed concrete in bridges, Maunsell Forts
William Maw British railway engineer
Sir Henry Maybury British railway and highways engineer
John Robinson McClean British engineer, railways, water supply
Conde McCullough Bridges
Scott McMorrow Playwright, poet, and engineer
George Matthew McNaughton British hydraulic engineer
Carl Friedrich Meerwein German, aviation
Montgomery C. Meigs, Jr. Waterways (American; 1847–1931)
Charles Meik Ports, railways, hydroelectric schemes
Patrick Meik Ports, railways
Thomas Meik Ports, railways
Christian Menn Swiss, known for bridges, including the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, part of the Big Dig in Boston
John Miller 19th-century Edinburgh-based railway engineer (Grainger & Miller)
Charles Joseph Minard French civil engineer noted for his inventions in the field of information graphics
Ralph Modjeski Polish-American bridge designer
Otto Mohr Bridges, railways
Leon Moisseiff American suspension bridge engineer
Guilford Lindsey Molesworth English railway engineer
General Sir John Monash GCMG, KCB, VD Bridges and precast concrete; also Commander of the Australian Corps in World War I
Riccardo Morandi Bridges
Ben Moreell Four-star Admiral and father of the US Navy Seabees
Charles Langbridge Morgan British civil engineer
James Morgan Regent's Canal
George S. Morison American railway bridge engineer
Thomas William Moseley American engineer
Basil Mott Mines, tunnels, bridges
Reginald Mountain British hydroelectric engineer
Sir Alan Muir Wood British tunnelling engineer
Jean M. Muller French bridge engineer


Name Notability References
Gabriel Narutowicz Polish engineer, hydroelectrician, a professor at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, the first president of the Second Polish Republic
Tiff Needell British racing driver and television presenter
Pier Luigi Nervi Italian architect and engineer; thin shell concrete
Tiff Needell British racing driver and television presenter
James Newlands first Borough Engineer for Liverpool Corporation, the first in the United Kingdom
Olaf Nordhagen Norwegian engineer, designed the Bergen Public Library in Jugendstil
Émile Nouguier Co-designer of the Eiffel Tower


Name Notability References
Thomas Oakes Chief Engineer of the Schuylkill Canal
C. Y. O'Connor CMG Fremantle Harbour and the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme, Western Australia
Tinius Olsen Norwegian American engineer and inventor, founder of the Tinius Olsen Engineering Testing Machine Company
Rowland Mason Ordish Designer of the St Pancras railway station arch roof
Ou Chin-der Taiwanese railway engineer and public official
Benjamin Outram Canals


Name Notability References
William N. Page Railways, mining
Alberto Palacio Spanish architect and engineer
Frederick Palmer Dockyards
F.W.J. Palmer British civil engineer, structural engineer, surveyor and architect
William Barclay Parsons
Alastair Craig Paterson Mechanical engineer, later President of IStructE and ICE
Evgeny Paton Ukrainian welding engineer
Sir Angus Paton British dam engineer
Ralph Brazelton Peck Civil and geotechnical engineer
Manuel Pellegrini Manager of Manchester City
Thomas Penson Scottish engineer and surveyor
Florentino Pérez President of Grupo ACS, president of Real Madrid
Jean-Rodolphe Perronet French architect and engineer
Samuel Morton Peto Railways, harbours
Henry Petroski Failure analysis
George F. Pinder American environmental and civil engineer, and mathematician
Rafael del Pino President of Ferrovial, billionaire
Henry Pleasants Civil War general
James Madison Porter III Engineer of the Northampton Street Bridge
William Henry Preece Telegraphic engineer
Lavr Proskuryakov Russian bridge engineer


Name Notability References
Allan Quartermaine British civil engineer


Name Notability References
Fidel V. Ramos Former President of the Philippines, civil engineer
William John Macquorn Rankine Physicist; civil engineering professor; developed structural engineering and lateral earth pressure theories
Kanuri Lakshmana Rao Water resource engineer, architect of Nagarajuna Sagar Dam, India
Latif Rashid Iraqi Minister of Water Resources
Robert Rawlinson English canal engineer and sanitarian
Richard Redmayne British mining and civil engineer
Donald Reeve British hydraulic engineer
Markus Reiner Studied deformation, strain and flow, coined "rheology"
James Meadows Rendel Bridges, harbours
John Rennie the Elder canals, bridges, docks
John Rennie the Younger Railways and bridges, son of John Rennie the Elder
Louis-Jean Résal French bridge engineer
Osborne Reynolds Fluid dynamics theories; worked as a practising engineer
Peter Rice Structural engineer
Pierre-Paul Riquet Engineer of the Canal du Midi
Benjamin S. Roberts Railways, United States and Russia
David Gwilym Morris Roberts British civil engineer
Donald Van Norman Roberts Civil and geotechnical engineer, advocate and pioneer in sustainable developments in engineering
Leslie E. Robertson gtructural engineer
Vernon Robertson British civil engineer
John August Roebling Brooklyn Bridge, Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge, John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
Washington Roebling Brooklyn Bridge, son of John August Roebling
Richard Birdsall Rogers Designer of the Peterborough Lift Lock, Ontario, Canada
Alexander Ross Scottish railway engineer
Norman Rowntree British water engineer
Toni Rüttimann Swiss bridge builder


Name Notability References
Herbert Saffir Co-developer of Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale
Anghel Saligny Designer of the Anghel Saligny Bridge
John L. Savage Dams, canals and hydroelectricity power plants
Leopold Halliday Savile British reservoir engineer
Jörg Schlaich German structural engineer
Charles Conrad Schneider American engineer
Marc Seguin Railways, inventor of the wire-cable suspension bridge
Kanwar Sen Indian canal engineer
Francisco J. Serrano Mexican civil engineer and professor
Edward S. Shaw American civil engineer in New England
Frank H. Shaw American engineer from Pennsylvania
Shen Kuo Irrigation canal system
Hubert Shirley-Smith Bridges
Douglas Harlow Shoemaker American railway engineer
Vladimir Shukhov Russian pioneer of hyperboloid structures, shell structures and pipelines
James Simpson Hydraulic engineer
Ole Singstad Holland Tunnel tunnel ventilation system
Sir Alec Skempton A founding father of soil mechanics
Otto Skorzeny SS commando
Carlos Slim Mexican tycoon, owner of Grupo Carso and Telmex
John Smeaton Canals, bridges, Eddystone Lighthouse
William Smith Canals, water engineer and publisher of first geological map
José Sócrates Former Prime Minister of Portugal
George F. Sowers Geotechnical engineer
E. Sreedharan Indian civil engineer, CMD of DMRC and Chief of Konkan Railway Project
Olaf Stang Norwegian suspension bridge engineer
Thomas Steers Early 18th-century British canal engineer
David B. Steinman American structural engineer
George Stephenson Railways
George Robert Stephenson British railway engineer
Henry Palfrey Stephenson British bridge, railway and gas lighting engineer
Robert Stephenson Railways
John Frank Stevens Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal
Alan Stevenson lighthouses
David Stevenson Lighthouses
Robert Stevenson Lighthouses
Thomas Stevenson Lighthouses
Simon Stevin Flemish public works engineer
Joseph Strauss Structural engineer, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Emil Strub Swiss railway engineer
Sukarno Former President of Indonesia


Name Notability References
Ratan Tata Chairman of Indian conglomerate Tata Group
Thomas Telford Canals, roads and bridges
Karl von Terzaghi Soil mechanics
Tidjane Thiam Chief Financial Officer of Prudential plc, civil engineering graduate of l'École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris
Mat Roy Thompson American landscape and defense engineer, overseer of construction at Scotty's Castle
John Edward Thornycroft British ship builder and president of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Stephen Timoshenko Engineering mechanics
Pierre Emanuel Tirard 19th-century Prime Minister of France
Fritz Todt Reichsminister for Armaments and Munitions during World War II
Eduardo Torroja Spanish concrete-shell engineer
Joseph Treffry Harbour and bridge engineer
Ernest Crosbie Trench British railway engineer
James Trubshaw British architect and engineer
Alexis Tsipras Prime Minister of Greece
George Turnbull British railway engineer
C.A.P. Turner American structural engineer


Name Notability References
Kim Ung-yong Korean former child prodigy, specialized in hydraulics
Raymond Unwin British urban planner
William Unwin President of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers


Name Notability References
Jean Venables Flooding engineer; first woman President of ICE
Charles Blacker Vignoles British railway engineer
Michel Virlogeux French; second Tagus crossing and Millau viaduct
Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya "Father of Indian civil engineering"; dams in India, many projects in Mysore state
Jean-Baptiste de Voglie Italian road and bridge engineer
Alan Voorhees American transport engineer and urban planner


Name Notability References
John Waddell Scottish railway engineer
John Alexander Low Waddell American bridge designer
James Walker Scottish coastal engineer
Ralph Walker Scottish-born harbour engineer
William Kelly Wallace Irish railway engineer
Kaichi Watanabe Japanese bridge engineer
Juan Carlos Wasmosy President of Paraguay
André Waterkeyn Designed the Atomium
John Duncan Watson British sewage treatment engineer
David Mowat Watson British civil engineer
Francis Wentworth-Shields British civil engineer
William Weston British bridge engineer
Thomas Johnson Westropp Irish harbour engineer and antiquarian
William Henry Wheeler English harbour engineer and antiquarian
Squire Whipple American civil engineer
Frederick Arthur Whitaker British Admiralty engineer
Canvass White American canal engineer
William Henry White British engineer and chief constructor of the Admiralty
John Richardson Wigham Irish lighthouse engineer
Clement Wilks Australian road and bridge engineer
William Willcocks British irrigation engineer; served in India and Egypt
Edward Leader Williams Canals, bridges
George Ambler Wilson British port engineer
Norman D. Wilson Mass transit
Frank E. Winsor Chief engineer for Quabbin Reservoir project
John Wolfe-Barry English civil engineer, constructor of London's Tower Bridge
A. Baldwin Wood Pumps
Edward Woods British railway engineer
William Barton Worthington British railway engineer
Robert Wynne-Edwards British tunnel and pipeline engineer


Name Notability References
Ximen Bao Ancient Chinese canal engineer


Name Notability References
Yu the Great
the first Dynast of China, founder of the first dynasty, who dedicated his life establishing flood control structures across the Chinese Hegemony, establishing the new hegemony in the process, across flood ruined competing kingdoms.
Andrew Yarranton English navigation engineer
Boris Yeltsin Former President of Russia
Thomas Yeoman First President of Society of Civil Engineers
T. Leslie Youd Geotechnical engineer, liquefaction research


Name Notability References
Olgierd Zienkiewicz Academic, noted author and pioneer of finite element analysis
Konrad Zuse Early pioneer in computers


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