Civilization and Its Discotheques

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Civilization and Its Discotheques
Studio album by The Fibonaccis
Released October 1987
Genre Art rock, new wave, alternative rock
Length 36:41
Label Blue Yonder Sounds
Producer The Fibonaccis

Civilization and Its Discotheques is the sole LP release of Los Angeles art rock band The Fibonaccis, released in 1987 on Blue Yonder Sounds. The album's title is an obvious reference to Sigmund Freud's 1929 book Civilization and Its Discontents.

Like all of the Fibonaccis' work, Civilization and Its Discotheques is out of print, though the album is currently available for download on the band's official website. The majority of its tracks were later featured on the band's 1992 retrospective compilation album, Repressed - The Best of the Fibonaccis.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "March to Heaven" Dentino 3:18
2. "Narcissist" Dentino, Stringer 3:17
3. "Had It with Girls" Stringer 3:57
4. "Crickets" music: Stringer, words: Emily Dickinson 4:21
5. "Leroy" Dentino, Stringer, Song 3:00
6. "The Thread" Dentino 3:26
7. "Stay Home" Dentino 2:30
8. "Medicine Waltz" Dentino 2:52
9. "Some Men" Dentino 2:37
10. "Old Mean Ed Gein" Dentino 3:17
11. "Romp of the Meiji Sycophants" Dentino, Corey, Song, Berardi 2:23
12. "The Snap" Dentino 3:43
Total length: 36:41

Song information[edit]


The Fibonaccis[edit]

Guest musicians[edit]


  • Engineered by Steve Sharp and Charles Ramirez
  • Recorded at Juniper Studios in Burbank, California and Casbah Studios in Fullerton, California
  • Mixed at Juniper Studios.
  • Mastered by Jeff Sanders at KM Records in Burbank, California.


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