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Civis Analytics
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Civis Analytics is an Eric Schmidt-backed data science software and consultancy company founded by Dan Wagner in 2013.[1]

Wagner served as the Chief Analytics Officer for Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.[2]

Civis Analytics helps businesses "understand their data, use that data to make predictions, and get recommendations on what steps to take next".[1] Civis works with Fortune 500 companies and the country's largest organizations, including Verizon, Airbnb, Discovery, FEMA, Boeing and the American Red Cross.[3]

The company has recently faced controversy for firing an employee after he tweeted a short summary of a paper by Princeton professor Omar Wasow.[4] The paper, written by an African American professor, examined the effect of protest movements on public opinion.[5] After the firing, Civis Analytics initially released a statement claiming that had not fired any employees for tweeting academic papers, but later retracted that statement and replaced it with a new statement that omitted that claim.[6] Eleven employees were laid off on October 30, 2019.[7] In December, seven of them filed unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB for wrongful termination.[8][7]

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