Cize–Bolozon viaduct

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Cize–Bolozon viaduct
SNCF TGV Duplex Viaduc de Cize - Bolozon.jpg
A view of the viaduct from the southwest while crossed by an upper-level TGV
Coordinates46°12′56″N 5°27′04″E / 46.21556°N 5.45111°E / 46.21556; 5.45111Coordinates: 46°12′56″N 5°27′04″E / 46.21556°N 5.45111°E / 46.21556; 5.45111
CrossesAin gorge
Total length273 metres (896 ft)
Height73 metres (240 ft)
No. of spans11
ArchitectJean-François Blassel
Opened1875 (1875)

The Cize–Bolozon viaduct is a combination rail and vehicular viaduct crossing the Ain gorge in France connecting the communes of Cize and Bolozon in the Ain département.[1][2]

An original span built in the same location in 1875 was destroyed in World War II.[3][4] Reconstructed as an urgent post-war project due to its position on a main line to Paris,[5] the new viaduct reopened in May 1950.[1]

It carries road and rail traffic at different levels: the railway, which was closed for reinforcement and restoration in 2005, occupies the upper level. Part of the Ligne du Haut-Bugey,[6][7] it reopened in December 2010[8] as part of the international Paris–Geneva line. The local road from Poncin to Thoirette uses the lower level.

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