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Cleo Pires
Cleo Pires na Arezzo cropped.jpg
Pires in 2009
Born Cleo Pires Ayrosa Galvão
(1982-10-02) October 2, 1982 (age 35)
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Other names Cleo
  • Actress
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • model
Years active 2003–present
  • Fiuk (half-brother)

Cleo Pires Ayrosa Galvão (born October 2, 1982) is a Brazilian actress, singer, songwriter and model.[1]


She made her debut as an actress when she participated in the Memorial de Maria Moura mini-series in 1994. It was a quick participation of just one chapter in which the protagonist, Maria Moura, as a young woman, was replaced by her mother, Glória Pires, in the adulthood of the character. After that, he distanced himself from TV and the media, believing that he had no vocation to follow in his mother's footsteps. Cleo says she saw Gloria working day and night without stopping, the press invading her privacy and the phone ringing all the time, and that she did not want it for her future.[2] She still says she just did not stand in the middle before, out of lack of will. Not that he had anything against his career, but it was something he did not think, it was not in his head. A curious fact is that even the film being one of his passions, when asked if he wanted to be an actress, immediately thought of novels and theater, things that had no interest or curiosity.[3]

Until, in 2003, he met Monique Gardenberg in a bathroom,[4] and was invited to star in the movie Benjamin. Cleo says that she is surprised by such trust placed in her and that she has therefore accepted the invitation. After much training and many rehearsals, since he had never made movies before, he filmed the film, whose script was based on the eponymous book by Chico Buarque. As soon as he finished the work and saw the result, he fell in love with the profession and decided that it was what he wanted. Even though she never did an acting course, for her performance, she received praise and competed for several awards in the category of Best Actress, winning the Rio Festival.

In 2004, she was invited to star in the remake of the novel Cabocla, in the role that was interpreted by her mother, in the version of 1979. To avoid comparisons, and, believing that it would be too much responsibility to star in a novel and did not have enough preparation, the invitation, being replaced by the actress Vanessa Giácomo, who got the better after a battery of tests.

He shot to fame as one of the great revelations of the national drama, in interpreting the sexy Lurdinha novel América, Globo in 2005, becoming a sex symbol. That same year, was chosen, in a poll promoted by Istoé Gente magazine, the sexiest woman in the country.[5] According to Cleo, just accepted the invitation to make the novel by knowing as much work as the author of its director, and, therefore, believe that it would be a good experience for your life.[2] Also in 2005, attended the special program of the final year of the globe, in interpreting Cleopatra in the children's special, Clara e o Chuveiro do Tempo. I would also do a part in the special edition of the humorous Casseta & Planeta, Urgente! of end of year, however, due to health problems, was replaced by the singer Wanessa Camargo.[6] In 2006, he played the rebel Letícia in Cobras & Lagartos.

For the paid channel Telecine Premium, hosted the Cineview, program that showed the news of the world of the cinema . After a reformulation, the attraction was called Moviebox, with a presentation by Daniel de Oliveira. In that same period, after almost two years of negotiations, it accepted to be cover of the magazine Nova, where posed wearing only collars and a panties, lavishing style and sensuality.[7]

Cleo with the cast of the movie Lula, o Filho do Brasil

In 2008, she co-starred in the remake of Ciranda de Pedra, in which she lived the young teacher Margarida, a shy girl, who falls in love with the beautiful and honest engineer Eduardo. In 2009, she joined the cast of the soap opera Caminho das Índias, in which she played the Indian Surya, her first villain. Also in that year, after the resignation of the actress Juliana Paes in acting in the long one The Expendables, of Sylvester Stallone, Cleo was chosen to replace it. However, due to the novel by Glória Perez , his participation in the film could not be fulfilled.[8][9] The role ended up with the actress Giselle Itié.[10] Again, she was named one of the 25 sexiest women in the country, by Istoé Gente magazine .

Still in 2008, he recorded the film My Name Is Not Johnny and the following year recorded the film that tells the life story of Brazilian President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva , Lula, the Son of Brazil , playing Lula's first wife, Maria Lurdes.[11][12]

In August 2010 was the cover of the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine, in a special edition with 50 pages commemorating the 35 years of the magazine. In 2010/2011 she played India Estela, the protagonist of the telenovel Araguaia.[13] The following year he starred in the episode " The Angel of Alagoas ", from the series As Brasileiras , directed by Daniel Filho.[14] Cleo played Ana Terra in young stage of the film O Tempo e o Vento, a character who was his mother in miniseries of the same name in 1985.[15]

Between 2012 and 2013, she played cosmopolitan Bianca in Salve Jorge.[16][17] In 2014, back to TV, playing the fragile Katya, Alexander's wife (Alejandro Claveaux), who has an affair with the brother-André (Cauã Reymond) in O Caçador.[18] In 2016, he participates in Haja Coração as Tamara , a romantic couple of Apollo Malvino Salvador.[19] She can also be seen as Sabrina in Supermax, again working with Mariana Ximenes.[20] In 2017, changes his stage name, adopting only Cleo.[21] On September 01, 2017, Cléo participates in the new music video of the singer sertanejo Gusttavo Lima titled "Eu Vou Te Buscar" that in addition to bringing his participation, the rapper Hungary Hip Hop also participates in Pirenópolis, Goiás local of the recording of the video.



Year Project Role Notes
2003 Benjamim Ariela Masé / Castana Beatriz
2008 Meu Nome Não É Johnny Sofia
2009 Lula, o filho do Brasil Lourdes
2011 Qualquer Gato Vira-Lata Tatiana / Linda
2013 Time and the Wind Ana Terra
2014 Rio, I Love You Clara segment "Inútil Paisagem"
2015 Operações Especiais Francis
2016 Mais Forte que o Mundo Viviane


Year Project Role Notes
1994 Memorial de Maria Moura Maria Moura (young Helena)
2005 América Lurdinha Won—Melhores do Ano for Best Female Revelation[22]
Won—Meus Prêmios Nick for actress of the year.[23]
2005 Clara e o Chuveiro do Tempo Cleópatra
2006 Cobras & Lagartos Letícia Pacheco Won—Prêmio Contigo! do TV for Best Female Revelation[24]
Won—Melhores de Ano awards for Best supporting actress[25]
Won—Meus Prêmio Nick for Actress of the year[26]
2008 Episódio Especial as Herself
2009 Caminho das Indias Surya Ananda
2009 Episódio Especial Herself
2010 Araguaia Estela Rangel (Estrela Karuê) Nominated—Prêmio,Extra de Televisâo for Best Lead Actress[27]
2012 As Brasileiras Ana
2012 Salve Jorge Bianca
2014 O Caçador Katia
2016 Haja Coração Tamara [28][29]


Extended Play (EP)[edit]

  • 2018: Jungle Kid

Awards and nominations[edit]

Awards and nominations
Year Awards Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2003 Festival do Rio Best Actress Benjamim Won [30]
2005 Prêmio ACIE de Cinema Nominated [31]
Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro Nominated [32]
Melhores do Ano Best Outstanding Actress América Won [33]
Prêmio Extra de Televisão Best Outstanding Actress Won [34]
Meus Prêmios Nick Beautiful of the year Won [35]
2006 Prêmio Contigo! de TV Best Outstanding Actress Won [36]
Melhores do Ano Best Supporting Actress Cobras & Lagartos Won [37]
Meus Prêmios Nick Beautiful of the year Won [38]
2007 9ª Prêmio Contigo! de TV Best Supporting Actress Nominated [39]
Best Romantic Couple (with Carmo Dalla Vecchia) Nominated
2008 Prêmio Qualidade Brasil Best Actress Meu Nome Não é Johnny Nominated [40]
Prêmio Contigo! de Cinema Nacional Best Supporting Actress Nominated [41]
2009 Prêmio Extra de Televisão Caminho das Índias Nominated [42]
2010 12ª Prêmio Contigo! de TV Nominated [43]
2011 Prêmio Extra de Televisão Best Actress Araguaia Nominated [44]
Prêmio Qualidade Brasil Nominated [45]
2013 15ª Prêmio Contigo! de TV Best Actress in a Series or Miniseries As Brasileiras Nominated [46]
2014 16ª Prêmio Contigo! de TV O Caçador Nominated [47]
2015 Troféu AIB de Imprensa Actress Operações Especiais Won [48]


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