Clach Biorach

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A distance photograph of Clach Biorach taken in July 2006.
"Clach Biorach" (The Pointed Stone), Ardmore

The Clach Biorach (in English, "Sharp Stone") is a three-metre Standing Stone located 14 mile (0.40 km) north-west of the village of Edderton in Easter Ross. It dates to the Bronze Age, but two Pictish-style symbols were later engraved on the north side, making it a Class I Pictish symbol stone. The symbols are a 1) double-disc with a z-rod, and 2) a salmon above.


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Coordinates: 57°50′13″N 4°10′33″W / 57.83694°N 4.17583°W / 57.83694; -4.17583