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Clacton Coastal Academy
Pathfields Road

, ,
CO15 3JL

Coordinates51°47′58″N 1°08′31″E / 51.79936°N 1.14182°E / 51.79936; 1.14182Coordinates: 51°47′58″N 1°08′31″E / 51.79936°N 1.14182°E / 51.79936; 1.14182
Department for Education URN135957 Tables
Chair of GovernorsMr. Steve Miller
Executive PrincipalMr. Dale Jackson
Head of SchoolMrs. Stephanie Neill
Age11 to 19

Clacton Coastal Academy is a coeducational high school serving the western part of Clacton-on-Sea. The school has a population of about 1600 students in addition to a sixth form consisting of about 200 pupils. Formerly known as "Colbayns", the site was officially renamed on 1 September 2009, after merging with the now defunct Bishops Park College.[1]


The original school dates from 1926 but moved to its present site in 1931 when it was known as the 'Clacton-on-Sea Senior School'. This school gained the unofficial title 'Pathfields School' because access was just off of Pathfields Road. In January, 1953, a new building on the west side of Pathfields Road was opened as the 'Clacton County Secondary School for Girls' with Miss Lawrence as Headmistress. The original building on the east site became the 'Clacton County Secondary School for Boys' with Mr K. Portman as Headmaster. In September 1973 the two schools were amalgamated to form Colbayns High School under the headship of Mr. D. King. He was succeeded by Mr. J. Midgley in 1984.


In 1988, Mr. John Holt, who joined the staff in 1964, became Headmaster. With the Governing Body, he saw the school through into successful incorporation as a Grant Maintained School within the terms of the 1988 Education Act on 1 September 1993. Under his leadership, in 1996, over £1 million was spent on new facilities.

Mr. Nick Pavitt took up his post as headteacher at Easter 1997. During his first year, the school was able to put in hand £420,000 of building work through grants from the Funding Agency to build new science laboratories, language laboratories and improved sixth form study provision. A grant of a further £170,000 has allowed the building of a new Mathematics suite, completed in the Spring of 1999.

In 2009, Colbayns High School and Bishops Park merged to become the Clacton Coastal Academy. Mr. S. Chamberlain replaced Mr Pavitt, becoming the school's first Executive Principal.


The Overall Evaluation from Ofsted (2004) identified staff turn-over as a root cause of poor behaviour in the classroom.[2]

The school has grown in recent years, particularly at Sixth Form level. In 2003, Clacton Coastal Academy became the first British school to join the US-run Edison Schools Project.[3]

The Academy has been rated "Good" by Ofsted.[citation needed]


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