River Cladagh (Swanlinbar)

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Cladagh River (An Chlaideach)
Swanlinbar River
Countries Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom
Province Ulster
Region Northern Ireland
Counties Co. Cavan, Co. Fermanagh
Village Swanlinbar
 - location Cuilcagh Mountain, Co. Cavan
Source confluence
 - location H143 259 Irish Grid
 - elevation 265 m (869 ft)
 - coordinates 54°10′54.90″N 7°46′54.23″W / 54.1819167°N 7.7817306°W / 54.1819167; -7.7817306
 - location Upper Lough Erne, Co. Fermanagh

The Cladagh River (Irish: An Chlaideach or "washing river"[1]) or Swanlinbar River is a moderately large river which forms from a number of small streams rising on the south-eastern slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, County Cavan and flows through the village of Swanlinbar, before crossing the border into County Fermanagh and eventually flowing into Upper Lough Erne. It is ultra-oligotrophic upstream before gradually becoming oligotrophic and oligo-mesotrophic through its middle and lower reaches.[2]

The river is a designated Special Area of Conservation,[2] containing one of the largest surviving populations in Northern Ireland of the freshwater pearl mussel. The mussels, estimated to be a minimum of 10,000 in number, are confined to a 6 km (3.7 mi) stretch of undisturbed river in the middle section.[2]

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