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Claes Fellbom (born 29 January 1943) is a Swedish film director, screenwriter, and composer, and a librettist and opera stage director. He is the founder and managing director of Folkoperan.

He collaborated with composer Sven-David Sandström on Jeppe: The Cruel Comedy (2001), and made a notorious film of Giuseppe Verdi's Aida, with Folkoperan in 1987, which was performed topless. He also wrote the libretti for Daniel Börtz's Marie Antoinette (1998) and Svall (2005) and Qu Xiaosong's Oedipus.


  • Aida (1987) (director, screen adaptation)
  • Carmen (1983) (director, Swedish translation)
  • Skottet (The Shot) (1969) (director, co-writer, co-composer)
  • Agent 0,5 och Kvarten - fattaruväl! (1968) (director only)
  • Carmilla (1969) (director, screenwriter, composer)
  • Ska' ru' me' på fest? (1966) (director, screenwriter, composer)

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