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Claesson Koivisto Rune is a Swedish multidisciplinary design/architecture office based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1995 by former University College of Arts classmates Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune.

The office's design work spans from jewellery to toothbrushes to large buildings. Represented in Sweden, Japan, France, Germany, USA and Uruguay, their architectural language has been called 'the epitome of the aesthetics of the new millennium' (Paola Antonelli, Design Curator at MoMA).[1] Their furniture and product designs have been produced in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, USA and Japan. Claesson Koivisto Rune are the subject of five biographical publications, and their works appear in some 130 design/architecture books. They were the first Swedish architectural office to be invited to exhibit at the international section of the Venice Biennale of architecture in 2004.[2]


Stiller Studios, film studio, Lidingö, Sweden, 2008

Plus house, kit house for Arkitekthus, Sweden, 2008

Folded roof house, kit house for Arkitekthus, Sweden, 2008….

Hotel Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden, 2007-

Espina de Cruz, private residence, Mataojo, Uruguay, 2007-

inde/jacobs gallery, Marfa, Texas, 2006-

Operakällaren, restaurant interior, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005

OFFECCT factory and offices, Tibro, Sweden, 2005

Kråkmora holmar, vacation house, Ornö, Sweden, 2003

Sfera Building, culture house, Kyoto, Japan, 2003

No 5 house, private residence, Stockholm, Sweden, 2003


Blueair Sense, 2013

Ray, pendant lamp, NgispeN, 2012

w08, task lamps, Wästberg, 2008

Moebius, serviette ring, Skultuna, 2008

Doodle, seating range, Tacchini, 2008

Amazonas, nesting tables, Offecct, 2008

Neo, pots, Iittala, 2007

Eve, aluminum bracelet, Gallery Pascale, 2007

Basso, coaster, Skultuna, 2006

Metropolis, furniture textiles, Väveriet, 2005

Luna, superfurniture, Dune, 2005

Sfera chair, Sfera Furniture, 2004

Dodo, swiveling Zaisu chair, E&Y, Japan, 2002

Brasilia, coffee table, Swedese, 2002

Pebbles, seating island, Cappellini, 2001

Bowie, chair, David design, 1998


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Design S (Swedish Design Award) 2008

Designer of the Year, Dizain Magazine, 2007

Chair Design Prize, Elle Deco International Design Awards 2006

Designer of the Year, Residence Magazine, 2005

+1 Award for Best Interior Object, Forum Magazine 2005

The Catas Award 2004

Silver Award, Sweden's Top Interior Design, Forum Magazine 2004

Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) award 2002

Best Interior Object award, Forum Magazine 2002

Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) award 2000

Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) award 1998

Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) award 1996

Forsnäs Bent Wood Design Prize, 1995

Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) award 1995

Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) award 1994

Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) award 1993


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