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Clair M. Poulson is an author specializing in mystery books. Before he became a writer, Poulson served for more than 35 years in the criminal justice system. He uses many of these experiences when he writes. As a result, he is able to portray characters and real life settings that many other authors can't do.

Poulson began as a military policeman in the U.S. army. After his service, he enrolled in the Utah State Highway Patrol as a trooper. Later on Poulson would serve as a deputy sheriff before being elected as the county sheriff for Duchesne County. He served as the county sheriff for eight years and then he became a justice court judge for thirteen years. Poulson also served in other positions under the judicial system: the Board of Justice Court Judges, a member of the Utah Judicial Council for six years, and the education chairman for the Justice Courts for two years. Poulson now serves as a member of the Ethics Advisory Committee, a position he has held since 2006.

Poulson is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons. He has served in numerous church callings and continues to serve the church today.


Poulson and his wife, Ruth, have five children. Ruth is a homemaker and a former piano teacher. Each of their children is married and, as of 2012, they have 23 grandchildren. The Poulsons and their oldest son operate a grocery store. Poulson also continues to care for several horses, and he does a little farming. The horses are used for riding and relaxing.

Poulson has always had an interest in books. He would teach each of his children how to read at a young age, and Poulson can usually be seen with a good book close by. When he was a young father, he would make up stories to tell his children before bed. Some of those stories have been converted into novels today, and new stories come to his mind as he shares never before told stories with his grandchildren.


The books Poulson has written include:

Year Title
2015 Murder at Tophouse
2014 Christmas Dollar
2014 Falling
2014 In Plain Sight
2014 Dark Shadows in the Forest
2013 Checking Out
2013 Framed
2012 Switchback
2012 Accidental Private Eye
2012 Lucky Come Home
2011 Hunted
2011 Venegance
2010 Deadline
2009 Dead Wrong
2008 Don't Cry Wolf
2007 Evidence
2006 Blind Side
2005 Mirror Image
2004 Cover Up
2004 Runaway
2003 Conflict of Interest
2002 Lost and Found
2002 Relentless
2001 I'll Find You
1996 Samuel: Thunder In Paradise
1995 Flight from Babel
1994 Samuel: Gadianton's Foe
1993 Samuel: Moroni's Young Warrior
1988 Point of Impact

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