Clairaut (crater)

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Clairaut crater 4107 h1.jpg
Coordinates 47°42′S 13°54′E / 47.7°S 13.9°E / -47.7; 13.9Coordinates: 47°42′S 13°54′E / 47.7°S 13.9°E / -47.7; 13.9
Diameter 75 km
Depth 2.7 km
Colongitude 348° at sunrise
Eponym Alexis C. Clairaut

Clairaut is a lunar crater that is located in the rugged southern highlands of the Moon's near side. It lies directly to the south of the crater Maurolycus and southeast of Barocius. Just to the southwest is Cuvier.

This crater has been eroded and damaged by subsequent impacts, particularly in the southern half of the formation. The satellite crater Clairaut A lies across the southeastern rim. The southern rim has been modified by several small craters, including Clairaut B. On the southeastern interior floor is the small crater Clairaut C. In the northern part of the floor is a merged crater pair Clairaut D. Clairaut E is attached to the exterior of the northwest rim.

The inner wall of Clairaut has been softened by impacts until now it forms a simple slope down to the relatively flat floor, at least where the floor has not been marked by impacts. There is a minor inward bulge along the inner wall to the west-northwest.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Clairaut.

Clairaut Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 48.9° S 14.8° E 36 km
B 48.3° S 12.6° E 43 km
C 48.1° S 13.5° E 17 km
D 47.3° S 14.2° E 12 km
E 46.4° S 12.6° E 29 km
F 46.0° S 14.5° E 23 km
G 47.2° S 11.7° E 6 km
H 48.9° S 12.1° E 9 km
J 45.7° S 12.7° E 14 km
K 49.7° S 14.0° E 12 km
M 46.1° S 13.8° E 5 km
P 49.0° S 11.8° E 9 km
R 48.0° S 15.9° E 15 km
S 47.5° S 16.3° E 22 km