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Claire Austin (November 21, 1918 - June 17, 1994)[1] (born Augusta Marie)[2] was an American blues and jazz singer and pianist from the Pacific Northwest.[2]

She was born to Swedish-American parents in Yakima, Washington.[2] She played in nightclubs throughout the northwest in the 1930s,[3] toured with the Chuck Austin Band in the 1940s across the U.S.[2] She had retired from professional singing by the early 1950s, and was working as an accountant for the state of California in West Sacramento;[4] after singing with Turk Murphy, she drove to San Francisco frequently for a couple of years to perform.[4] She remained active through the 1970s.[5] Her singing style has been compared to Peggy Lee.[6] She was married to Chuck Austin, with whom she had three children.



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