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Claire L. Evans is an American singer, writer, and artist based in Los Angeles, California. She is the lead singer of the pop duo YACHT.[1] Evans joined YACHT in 2008 after sharing a "mystical experience" with collaborator Jona Bechtolt, and has recorded two albums, See Mystery Lights and Shangri-La, with Bechtolt.[2] She also appeared as a guest on YACHT's third album, I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real. Known for her androgynous onstage persona as a performer, she has been called a "neo-Annie Lennox" by the New York Times.[3] NPR music journalist Bob Boilen has referred to her as "one of the most striking performers I've seen in a rock band."[4]

In addition, Evans is a science journalist, with a popular science and culture blog, Universe, hosted by National Geographic's Scienceblogs network.[5] Her essay for Universe, "Moon Art: Fallen Astronaut" was anthologized in The Best Science Writing Online 2012.[6] She is the co-author of New Art/Science Affinities, a book about contemporary artists working at the intersection of science and technology.[7] In an interview with the contemporary art blog Bad At Sports, Evans called the book "an attempt to document an emergent form of art practice in a micro-encyclopedic tome."[8] She is also the author of a collection of essays called High Frontiers, published by Publication Studio, a small press in Portland, Oregon. USA Today called the book, "sharp, short and accessible to scholars as well as those of us who don't read much science writing."[9] In August 2013, she became the editor-in-chief of OMNI Reboot, a new online version of the science magazine OMNI.[10] She is currently the Futures Editor of Motherboard, Vice (magazine)'s technology and science website.


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