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Claire McNab (born 1940 in Melbourne, Australia) is the pseudonym of Claire Carmichael. While pursuing a career as a high school teacher in Sydney, she began her writing career with comedy plays and textbooks. She left teaching in the mid-1980s to become a full-time writer. In her native Australia she is known for her self-help and children's books.

She is best known for 14 crime novels featuring the highly popular Detective-Inspector Carol Ashton and six featuring undercover agent Denise Cleever. Her latest series features Kylie Kendall, an Australian transplanted to Los Angeles, who determines to become a private investigator in order to pursue her father's business and his business partner.

McNab has served as the president of Sisters in Crime and is a member of both the Mystery Writers of America and the Science Fiction Writers of America. She is a 2006 Medal Winner of the Alice B. Awards and was nominated for the 1996 Lammy Award Lesbian Mystery Award.[citation needed]

She moved to Los Angeles in 1994 after falling in love with an American woman, and now teaches not-yet-published writers through the UCLA Writers' Extension Program.[1]

In addition to crime fiction, McNab has published children's novels, picture books, self-help, and English textbooks.

She returns to Australia at least once a year to refresh her aussie accent.


Lesbian crime novels
  • Carol Ashton Series
    • Lessons In Murder (1988)
    • Fatal Reunion (1989)
    • Death Down Under (1989)
    • Cop Out (1991)
    • Dead Certain/Off Key (1992)
    • Body Guard (1994)
    • Double Bluff (1995)
    • Inner Circle (1996)
    • Chain Letter (1997)
    • Past Due (1998)
    • Set Up (1999)
    • Under Suspicion (2000)
    • Death Club (2001)
    • Accidental Murder (2002)
    • Blood Link (2003)
    • Fall Guy (2004)
    • Lethal Care (2012)
  • Denise Cleever Series
    • Murder Undercover (2000)
    • Death Understood (2000)
    • Out of Sight (2001)
    • Recognition Factor (2002)
    • Death by Death (2003)
    • Murder at Random (2005)
  • Kylie Kendall Series
    • Wombat Strategy (2004)
    • Kookaburra Gambit (2005)
    • The Quokka Question (2005)
    • Dingo Dilemma (2006)
    • Platypus Ploy (2007)

Lesbian romance

  • Under the Southern Cross (1992)
  • Off Key (1992)
  • Silent Heart (1993)
  • Writing My Love (2006)


  • The Loving Lesbian (1997) (with Sharon Gedan)
Sci-fi novels

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