Claire Ndi-samba

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Claire Mimboé Ndi-samba (born June 10, 1972 at Yaoundé-Cameroon), she is the daughter of Joseph Ndi-samba, a famous entrepreneur and tycoon of private education in Cameroon.

Senior technician in computer science, she is also the Director of Institut-samba Secondaire since September 1999, (private school of general and technical education which has an annual output of about 3,500 students).

Claire Mimboé Ndi-Samba is at the origin of the association "Le Relais Enfant-Parent Cameroon", an association with humanitarian goals created in December 2005 to accompany the children of prisoners and maintaining the relationship, especially with the mothers.

According to Claire, Seventy-five per cent of prisoners are from extremely poor backgrounds, many of their children live in insecurity and the emotional connection with the parent is cut, because they do not have the right to access the most prisons…

This year, the children of the Yaoundé Central Prison were able to benefit through her of the sponsorship of the famous France based rapper Pit Baccardi.