Claire Saltonstall Bikeway

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Claire Saltonstall Bikeway
Claire Saltonstall Bikeway on MA Route 6A northbound, Truro MA.jpg
On Route 6A northbound in Truro
Length 135 mi (217 km)
Designation US Bike 1 (M1-8).svg Bike Route 1
Trailheads Boston, Provincetown
Use Cycling

The Claire Saltonstall Bikeway, also known as the Boston to Cape Cod Bikeway, is a 135-mile bikeway marked as Bike Route 1 that starts on the Charles River Bike Path near Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts and winds along Boston's Emerald Necklace, Using mostly backroads and bikepaths, with occasional stretches of secondary highways, ends in Provincetown, Massachusetts.[1] The bikeway was named in memory of Claire Saltonstall, the daughter of Senator William L. Saltonstall, on July 17, 1978. Claire was killed by an automobile in 1974 while she was riding her bicycle.[2] Senator Saltonstall was a sponsor of bicycle safety legislation and was instrumental in developing the bikeway. Dual signs, one with a picture of a bicycle in a green background and the green number 1 below the picture, and another rectangular sign with the words Claire Saltonstall Bikeway below that, were erected along the route shortly after the bikeway opened. Few of these signs, however, survive today. In order to follow the route one needs a map. [3] [4] [5] Google Map Is Available At: