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A clam pie prepared with curry spices

A clam pie is a savory meat pie prepared using clams as a primary ingredient, and it is a part of the cuisine of New England. It is also prepared as a type of pizza pie. White clam pie is a pizza variety that originated in New Haven, Connecticut.


A clam pie is a meat pie prepared using clams as a main ingredient. Ingredients in addition to whole or chopped clams and pie crust can include potatoes, corn, onion, celery, garlic, clam juice, milk, eggs, hard-boiled eggs, butter, crushed crackers, seasonings, salt and pepper.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Fresh or canned clams can be used to prepare the dish, and flour can be used to thicken the mixture.[3] The dish is typically cooked by baking.[1][2] Clam pie is a part of the cuisine of New England.[7]


A clam pizza pie

Clam pie can be prepared as a pizza pie using clams as a topping.[8] Fresh or canned clams can be used,[8] and the clams can be minced[9] or whole.

White clam pie is a pizza variety in New Haven, Connecticut, and is typically prepared using pizza dough, clams, olive oil, grated Romano cheese, garlic and oregano.[8] The dish originated at the Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana restaurant in the Wooster Square neighborhood of New Haven, and was first prepared there sometime in the 1950s.[8][10]

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