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Clamp Holder
Clamp Holder.jpg
A clamp holder
Other namesClamp Fastener, Boss Head, Right Angle Clamp Holder
UsesElevate and move attached clamp
Stabilize equipment
ComponentsRing stand rod jaw and extension clamp jaw

A clamp holder or clamp fastener is a piece of laboratory apparatus that is used to secure laboratory clamps, such as extension-type utility clamps, or other attachments to a ring stand or lab frame.[1] The material can be made up of brass, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium or nickel-plated zinc.[2]


A ring-stand rod and clamp are inserted into two jaws of a clamp holder and adjustable thumbscrews fasten the clamp holder to the attachments and lock it in place.[3] The attachments can be secured with the thumbscrews to be positioned at any height or angle, with a regular clamp holder positioning the apparatus at a 90° angle.


Using a clamp holder to hold clamps at different angles

Clamp holders can secure laboratory equipment at specific angles, diameters, and weights, as required.[4] Clamp holders are often used to hold the attached apparatus over a work surface. There are several different types of holders, such as swivel holders and all-position holders, that allow adjustments for different angles and planes. In some cases it can be used to attach support rods together.[5]

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