Clan Riddell

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Clan Riddell
Clan member crest badge - Clan Riddell.svg
Crest: A demi greyhound proper[1]
Motto I hope to share[1]
District Lowlands
Plant badge Rye
Riddell of that Ilk arms.svg
Sir John Riddell of the Ilk[1]
Chief of Clan Riddell, The Riddell of that Ilk, Baronet Riddell of Riddell

Clan Riddell is a Lowland Scottish clan.[2]


Origins of the Clan[edit]

One theory for the origin of the name Riddell is that the family were from Gascony and came to Scotland via Ryedale in Yorkshire.[2] However, it is much more likely that the name is of Norman origin.[2]

In 1116, Gervase Ridale was a witness to a charter of David I of Scotland.[2] His son was Walter who received a charter for the lands of Lilliesleaf in Roxburghshire.[2] William the Lion was taken prisoner at the Battle of Alnwick in 1174 and one of Gervase's nephews was sent as a hostage.[2]

Swinburn in Northumberland was also acquired by the Riddells.[2] In 1296 Sir William Riddell of Riddell appears on the Ragman Rolls swearing fealty to Edward I of England.[2]

17th century and Civil War[edit]

In 1628 Sir John Riddell was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia.[2] His lands were then erected into a barony and regality of New Riddell.[2] His third son was William Riddell who was knighted by Charles I of England and served in the wars in the Netherlands.[2]

The Reverend Archibald Riddell, third son of the second baronet, was imprisoned because he would not renounce his Covenanter beliefs.[2] A prominent seventeenth century merchant in Edinburgh, John Riddell, claimed descend from Galfridus de Reidel.[2] John amassed great wealth from the trade across the Baltic Sea.[2] During the Scottish Civil War his son, who acquired extensive lands near Linlithgow, is said to have intrigued with the forces of Oliver Cromwell and became a close friend of General Monck.[2]

18th to 21st century[edit]

The family later acquired extensive Argyll estates of Ardnamurchan and Sunart.[2] In 1778 James Riddel, first Baronet of Ardnamurchan received his title.[2] He was also a Fellow of the Society of Arts and Sciences and superintendent general to the Society of British Fishery.[2]

Sir Rodney Riddell, fourth Baronet was a professional soldier who campaigned in New Zealand and Afghanistan during the Second Anglo-Afghan War.[2]

Clan Chief[edit]

The current chief is Walter John Buchanan Riddell (b. 1974), son of the late Sir John Charles Buchanan Riddell who died in 2010.[3][4]

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